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[... 8 paragraphs ...]

At the precise time of Ruburt’s dream, your friend Miss Callahan had, or rather was, deciding to leave this plane. Ruburt received this message directly. The unwillingness on Miss Callahan’s part represented of course her present personality’s protest against the change that a deeper part of herself deemed necessary and proper.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

She did not remember Frank Watts, although he exaggerated to some degree. They did meet rather often over a period of many years, as she taught his children. He admired her very much, as his children found her an excellent teacher. One in particular. Frank Watts considered her a friend, attaching more importance than she did to her influence upon his children; but beyond this her present personality has been gently disentangling itself from this plane, and she simply did not remember.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

The disentanglement of her present personality has been gradual and gentle. She is focusing less and less upon this plane and will, again gradually, begin to focus upon another plane. She will not, therefore, experience as much shock. There is a period of adjustment after leaving any plane, although your plane involves the most difficulty since the camouflage pattern is unusually rigid.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

The shock of birth of course is worse, since the personality is not entirely focused as a personality, and it must make immediate and critical adjustments of the strongest nature. Death on your plane is a termination but does not involve a new immediately-critical adjustment, since there is a time for rest and a time to catch up, so to speak.

You do not have to learn new things at the same time as you are struggling to exist in a strange environment. After death there is no instant struggle, where birth on your plane involves a pressing, agonizing attempt to get one’s bearings, and learn new patterns of behavior, when there is no time in your sense really to make any mistakes at all. The termination is always easier, believe it or not, than a beginning under such pressing circumstances as survival on a strange camouflage plane.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

From your viewpoint such a disintegration is, of course, not pleasant, but as the personality loses its focus on your plane it gathers itself together on another plane, and such a gradual gathering together is much more favorable than the surprise of a complete and sudden departure. Already Miss Callahan’s vital core of awareness is appearing on another plane, and if you will forgive an analogy, she appears there as a wondering but not frightened young girl.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

I have mentioned that the emotions, if you will forgive me, are the tail end of the inner senses. Frank Watts would be aware of the approaching death of a previous child, for example, though not of the approaching death of Miss Callahan at this time. He has been resting. For a while his energies were directed toward your plane in a strong, almost compulsive personal manner, and had Miss Callahan been ill then he would have known.

(“Then Miss Callahan will be almost fully materialized on the other plane before she dies on this plane?”)

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

There are so many planes that it is impossible to list them, and difficulty arises from your need to categorize in terms of words. And this is just not possible in this particular instance.

(“Do you mean planes here on earth?”)

There are endless planes upon your earth, or rather endless planes occurring simultaneously with your earth. Your solid earth is not a solid to inhabitants of other planes that would seem to take up the same space as your earth. The idea of taking up the same space is erroneous to begin with, but I don’t see how we can avoid such terms and still make any sense to you.

Your particular camouflage pattern is given to solids, among other things, and the idea of solids gives its alternative of something not solid or unfilled, which you call space. Your outer senses are themselves camouflages to deal with, and equipped to perceive, camouflages. On some other planes the camouflage pattern is so different as to be beyond your present comprehension.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

These other planes that you would say exist simultaneously with you in the same space as your earth, are unperceived of course by you. Parallel existences occur constantly. Continual organized materialization realities are happening with their own cultures, histories, theories, camouflage patterns and distortions, with their own beings existing as individuals in your terms.

(“Can you visit any of these planes?”)

I have visited several. It is difficult to put this into words. These planes of which I have spoken have some basic similarity with your own, though the camouflage patterns have no similarity. That is, the similarity is one of organization, a variety of historical continuity, a strong and involved ego mechanism, a complicated camouflage code system; without, however, the dual inner and outer sense of alienation with which your race has become involved.

There are several of these culture establishment existences or planes, coexisting in the same space as your earth; but when I say coexisting in the same space I am speaking on your terms and simplifying to an alarming degree.

(“Are any of these type planes aware of us, our plane?”)

None of the above mentioned are aware of your plane. There is among others another classification beside culture establishment existences, and these keep camouflage patterns at a minimum and are not as similar as cultural establishment existences are to your own plane. These materialize camouflage pattern only at certain times to express and deal with inner conflicts not yet worked out. I did not intend to get into this so deeply yet, as it may be confusing to say the least.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

There are no gradations as far as above or below, or better or worse, or advanced or retarded as far as the various planes are concerned, but the planes themselves are grouped into certain organized patterns of development, and in a way I cannot as yet explain to you there seems to be certain kinds of gradation in these groupings.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

(“Could our plane vanish?”)

[... 1 paragraph ...]

(“Well, could it just finish its business and then be done as a plane? You said once that planes come and go; at least some of them.”)

Oh yes, this happens in countless cases, and could happen to your plane. It would in no way affect other planes. The vitality on your plane and on or in all planes in your grouping displays itself in terms of self-consciousness to some degree, as you understand it.

On many other planes the vitality expresses itself in ways incomprehensible to you and at this point to me. The personality-entity concept involves only one main type process involving many planes and plane groups. But this is not all that is or exists. It is extremely possible that many in the personality-existence grouping have been involved within other completely different plane groupings in some inconceivable past.

(“That night Jane, Bill Macdonnel and I held our amateur ‘seance’ with your help, you said the image that replaced Jane’s reflection in the mirror was from another plane.”)

That image was of another personality type fragment from another plane. I have used the word plane to describe any other existence sphere with which you are not familiar. I am afraid we will have to cease this practice. From here on I will use the word plane to refer to existences having to do with your own levels. That is your Miss Callahan I will say is on another plane, since this involves the continuation in some manner of a personality concept which you can understand.

Later I will attempt to show you where the boundaries are, though (Jane laughed) there really are no boundaries, that form a variety of such planes into a sphere of relation in which to some extent cause and effect operates as you understand it. Beyond that for a long time there is no need for me to go any more deeply. I will speak of the entity, the personalities, the reincarnations, the diverse fragment groupings, the planes with which you are either familiar with or can understand, and ultimately try to deal with your question, implied if not spoken, as to where entities came from to begin with.

[... 25 paragraphs ...]

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