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TES1 Session 16 January 15, 1964 3/96 (3%) plane enzymes malba saucer wires

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What I am trying to say is that there are apparent rules of cause and effect, but the same causes do not always give the same effects. There is much more that I want to say along these lines. If you will perhaps consider again our wires and mazes, I have said if you’ll excuse the brief reminder, that these imaginary wires are composed of solidified vitality. They are the living stuff of the universe even as they form its boundaries and seem to divide it into labyrinthian ways, like the inside of a honeycomb.

The planes within the tiny wires, that is the planes formed by the connections and interconnections of our imaginary wires, come into the sphere of each different plane and take on the form inherent in the plane itself. Therefore these wires, if we may use a small analogy, will grow thick or thin, or change color completely, like some chameleon-like animal constantly camouflaging its true appearance by taking on the outward manifestations of each neighboring forest territory. Then too, the inhabitants of any particular plane are chameleonlike, animallike. Solidified vitality wires do not look like boundaries or divisions. They appear exactly of the same type as the other materializations on that particular plane.

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So complete in fact is the transformation as to be almost in some cases unrecognizable. However, by seeing beneath the camouflage in any one case you see beneath the camouflage in all cases. What these wires are, therefore, that seem to divide our planes and that appear so differently in one plane than they do in another, are solidified vitality whose camouflaging action is determined by mental enzymes.

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