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TES1 Session 15 January 13, 1964 6/94 (6%) willy cat entity planes split

[... 42 paragraphs ...]

(I had mentioned asking Seth about Einstein’s theories during last break, and we had also mentioned our cat, Willy.)

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

(On a recent Friday night, we had just returned home from grocery shopping. Jane had opened some fresh food for Willy, and while he ate in our very small kitchen she began putting the groceries away. Carrying an empty waste basket, I walked out to the kitchen from my studio. Jane was kneeling, reaching into a cupboard, and Willy was momentarily trapped behind her. At my approach he began to hiss and spit quite madly, and raced about in a tight little circle, not being able to get out of the kitchen. Jane, her back to him, stood up so quickly that she banged her head on an open cupboard door. The blow was a hard one and left her somewhat dazed for hours. We had never seen Willy behave this way before, and in a few moments he was as friendly and calm as usual, and resumed eating.

(A second similar episode took place a few days later. This time I walked into the living room. It was dark outside. Jane was holding Willy. At my approach he spat in a terrified manner and vaulted from her arms, scratching her quite well on both forearms. Again, a minute later he was as friendly as ever to both of us.)

His senses are extremely acute, his inner senses perfectly attuned. Even now he senses my presence. However as he grows more familiar with me his strange actions will altogether cease. My presence alternates between you both and this leads to confusion on Willy’s part. Watch him even now.

(Even as Seth spoke through Jane, Willy uttered a loud meow. He began to tease and jump at her, as he will do when he wants attention. Now however he was unusually persistent. Entangling himself in Jane’s feet as she tried to pace back and forth, he finally interrupted her dictation while she petted him. He then hopped up on Jane’s empty chair, opposite mine, and lay there staring at me for some time while I took notes. His eyes were very large and luminous and somehow darker than usual. I then realized that Jane’s eyes also had this look when she was dictating. It was some time before Willy finally relaxed and slept on the chair.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

(Willy was acting up again, chasing after Jane as she paced back and forth while dictating.)

[... 37 paragraphs ...]

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