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TES1 Session 15 January 13, 1964 10/94 (11%) willy cat entity planes split

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

I get not your kind of storms. (Jane dictates:) But I’m not going into so-called weather on my plane tonight. I came halfway in on an interesting little experiment that Ruburt tried on his own, and you can thank me that he came out of it so well. Really, Ruburt, I’m surprised at you. In your past life you would have known much better.

[... 17 paragraphs ...]

Many so-called cases of possession can be laid to this alone. The dominant personality can be likened on your plane to the dominant entity. Please understand that I am using an analogy here. As the personality on your plane actually changes, expands and grows according to its potentialities, as it presents at various times varied images to the world, such as—if you’ll excuse me for using clichés—a smiling face, a sorrowful face, but is still basically the same personality, so on another level does the entity present at various times a varied appearance and speak in a different voice. As the smiling and the sorrowful face also express and expand the personality, so too do the various reincarnated personalities express and expand the entity as a whole.

[... 21 paragraphs ...]

I have been visiting other planes lately. I grow quite gymnastic.

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

You are yourselves aware of other planes to some degree, and to some degree you can communicate with them as you communicate with your cat. Imagination allows you to enter into these planes, as when you imagine what another animal’s life would be.

It is true that man is physically an animal and that a cat is an animal. Nevertheless the differences amount to a difference in plane, though they are not actually different enough, and so the various existences do manage to coexist. You cannot of course experience the cat’s sense of time, but you can come closer to understanding his sense of time than he could ever come in understanding yours.

(During break I had mentioned Seth’s declared visits to other planes.)

There are of course therefore obvious variations in life within one generalized plane, and many various sorts of evolution occurring. When I say I visit another plane you can imagine the following experience.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Imagine further that you actually experienced the feeling of such a furry coat, and all the other feline equipment from the inside. Purely as a spectator this would loosely represent an analogy to my traveling to other planes. It follows that I could not travel to higher planes than my own, where more acute senses than mine would instantly perceive me. This sort of thing does not as a rule go on in your plane. Even with your limited senses you would perceive my presence, though my plane is further developed than yours.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

On many planes we are fully visible to others on that plane. To some we are invisible, and to us some are invisible.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

As I have mentioned earlier the senses change according to the plane of materialization. If you are speaking about my present form, I can be many forms. That is, within limits I can change my form, but in doing so I do not actually change my form so much as I choose to become part of something else.

[... 16 paragraphs ...]

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