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TES1 Session 15 January 13, 1964 10/94 (11%) willy cat entity planes split

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Many so-called cases of possession can be laid to this alone. The dominant personality can be likened on your plane to the dominant entity. Please understand that I am using an analogy here. As the personality on your plane actually changes, expands and grows according to its potentialities, as it presents at various times varied images to the world, such as—if you’ll excuse me for using clichés—a smiling face, a sorrowful face, but is still basically the same personality, so on another level does the entity present at various times a varied appearance and speak in a different voice. As the smiling and the sorrowful face also express and expand the personality, so too do the various reincarnated personalities express and expand the entity as a whole.

Without the stages of childhood, adulthood and old age, the personality could not expand to its fullest degree, and without various incarnations the entity cannot expand. Along these lines your brother Dick will most likely have an extra visit to make up on this earth for a previous early death.

In dreaming, such a dissociated state as Ruburt reached is of course the rule, only here the ability is used to form the dream images. But these dream images work for the entity as a whole and serve as a means for the various personalities to communicate. That is, in many cases for the previous incarnated personalities to correspond with the present personality. It is a means of acquainting the present personality with its past and also of reminding it of its goals, without disturbing that blatant awake ego.

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The good Jack will be a beggar boy in India, to be born in 3 years. In later life he will attain prominence if he carries through as beautifully as he did in the past. His first name will be Ambum, A-m-b-u-m, pronounced Ammum. This time he will attain prominence from poverty, an experience which will greatly reinforce the strength of his entity’s purpose.

Oswald was always a personality fragment, as all psychopaths are. As fragments of a personality break off in the manner that I explained for schizophrenics, so in some cases part of an entity reincarnates before it should, does not carry its full mental gene blueprint, and therefore causes trouble and confusion. It is as though one of the wild images of a nightmare emerged with full physical power into the world of the day.

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The entity is the sum of these layers, having all of this knowledge at conscious command at all times. Yet though I speak of them as one beneath the other they are not actually so, and I speak only for convenience. They are in all places, intertwined with paths leading from one to the other and with the echo of the entity’s voice resounding through each interconnecting corridor.

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It is not however at all physical in your terms… And so here I suppose we will run into a block. The physical human form is extremely important to all entities, and they retain its idea shape for a long while. Again I will have more to say about the idea shape, which is somewhat like the physical genes and the blueprint, only on a different manifestation level. I believe, though I am not positive, that this human idea shape vanishes at some point and changes into another that is somehow more fitting and ideal. The entity in itself may only be a part of something else.

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There are various types of dreams and dream fragments. I will follow this through also later, since in these beginning sessions I am giving you what may be considered a broad outline to be filled in. These dissociated states often occur in sleep, an excellent time since the ego is quieted. At such times it is extremely possible for present personalities to be visited by others such as myself, but only on the bidding of the entity itself.

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The entity never dominates or tries to dominate a previous personality. Sometimes these personalities also travel divergent ways for their own benefit and with the entity’s full consent.

There is no such thing as division as far as the personality is concerned. Even a full-fledged fragment can turn into an entity in certain cases. There are no rules that hold any living thing down to one form or one kind of existence. And now, dear patient friends, I bid you a most fond good night.

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