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TES1 Session 15 January 13, 1964 7/94 (7%) willy cat entity planes split

[... 42 paragraphs ...]

(I had mentioned asking Seth about Einstein’s theories during last break, and we had also mentioned our cat, Willy.)

Your cat is indeed a fragment, and he does sense me at times.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

When I said watch the cat I didn’t realize he was going to put on this display. I assure you I didn’t order it.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

You are yourselves aware of other planes to some degree, and to some degree you can communicate with them as you communicate with your cat. Imagination allows you to enter into these planes, as when you imagine what another animal’s life would be.

It is true that man is physically an animal and that a cat is an animal. Nevertheless the differences amount to a difference in plane, though they are not actually different enough, and so the various existences do manage to coexist. You cannot of course experience the cat’s sense of time, but you can come closer to understanding his sense of time than he could ever come in understanding yours.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Pretend that you not only understood your cat’s concept of time to some degree, but could also experience his sense of time through the cat itself. In doing this you would in no way bother, inhibit or annoy the cat. He would not be aware of your presence and in no way could this be represented as any sort of an invasion.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

So you see that the laws operate in such a manner that we are more or less kept in our place. Controls are applied. This subject will come up again and I will go into it more deeply. You have also seen that your cat can sense me to some extent when I am in his environment, so we do not get away with much.

[... 19 paragraphs ...]

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