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TES1 Session 12 January 2, 1964 7/52 (13%) wires cubes board plane female

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Consider then a network of wires somewhat like, although different from, Jane’s conception of idea construction—a maze of interlocking wires endlessly constructed, so that looking through them there would seem to be no beginning or end. Your plane could be likened to a small position between four very spindly and thin wires, and my plane could be likened to the small position in the neighboring wires on the other side. Yet not only are we on different sides of the same wires, but we are at the same time either above or below, according to your viewpoint, and if you consider the wires as forming cubes—this is for you, Joseph, with your love of images—then the cubes could also fit one within the other without disturbing the inhabitants of either cube one iota; and these cubes are also within cubes, which are themselves within cubes, and I am speaking now of only the small particle of space taken up by your plane and mine.

Again now think merely in terms of your plane, bounded by its small spindly set of wires, and my plane on the other side. These as I have said have also boundless solidarity and depth, yet in usual circumstances to one side the other is transparent. You cannot see through, but the two planes move through each other constantly.

I hope you see what I have done here. I have initiated the idea of motion, for true transparency is not the ability to see through but to move through. This is what I mean by fifth dimension. Now, remove the structure of the wires and cubes. Things behave as though the wires and cubes were there, but these were only constructions necessary even to those on my plane in order to make things comprehensible to our faculties, the faculties of any entity. We construct images consistent with the senses we happen to have at a particular time. I have more senses, so to speak, in operating use that is, than you have, because not only am I aware of my own plane but of yours and other parallel planes, even though I myself have not existed in some of those parallel planes.

We merely construct imaginary lines to walk upon. So real are the wall constructions of your room that you would freeze in the wintertime without them, yet there is no room and no walls. So in a like manner the wires that we constructed are real to us in the universe, although there are no wires. All is one, as you are one with the apparent walls of the room. Again the idea of transparency. The walls are truly transparent to me though I am not sure I would perform, dear Joseph, and Ruburt, for a party demonstration.

Nevertheless to me the walls are transparent. So are the wires that we constructed to make our point about fifth dimension, but for all practical purposes we must behave as if the wires are there. There are certain planes which I cannot glimpse from my viewpoint, although I have greater understanding of these things than you. I realize that the changes that must occur before I can view those other planes will occur in me, not in the other planes. Again if you will consider our maze of wires, I will ask you to imagine them filling up everything that is, with your plane and my plane like two small bird’s nests in the net-like fabric of some gigantic tree.

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From it is woven all material of your world and mine. If you consider the wires again, then you could view them as solidified emotion, woven together, however with a strong cohesive and stiffening power of the intellect. With feeling alone, although it is the basis, you would have an inconsistent, very precarious framework. Reason is the form that disciplines and upholds these frameworks.

At a later date I will go in even further into this fifth dimension. You consider for example that these wires are also mobile, constantly trembling, and also live, in that they not only carry the stuff of the universe but are themselves projections of this stuff, and you will see how difficult it is to explain. Nor can I blame you for growing tired, when after asking you to imagine this strange structure I then insist that you tear it apart, for it is no more actually seen or touched than is the buzzing of a million invisible bees.

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