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TES1 Session 12 January 2, 1964 3/52 (6%) wires cubes board plane female

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An excess of male lives will turn a personality sour in a feminine manner, without the inner understanding and compassion that is usually associated with the female sex. In like manner consistent female personalities will turn harsh without the inner strength usually associated with the male sex. For this reason most entities live lives as male and female.

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Loren was 3 times a man. The overall impression of the 3 existing personalities is nevertheless female, for the reasons that I have explained. Sex, regardless of all your fleshy tales, is a psychic phenomenon, merely certain qualities which you called male and female. The qualities however are real, and permeate other planes as well as your own. They are opposites which are nevertheless complementary and which merge into one. When I say as I have that the overall entity is neither male or female, and yet refer to various entities such as Joseph and Ruburt, which are definitely male names, I merely mean that in the overall essence the entity refers or identifies itself more with male characteristics, or so-called male characteristics, than with the female.

The seeming dominance of the male in earthkind is merely because the aggressiveness of male personalities makes itself known quicker, and often with a vehemence. The basis however is very strongly female, since without the giving quality the aggressiveness would be but a stationary closed fist, incapable of motion and incapable of unfolding into other lives, as it must. The aggressiveness is a thrust for life and action against inertia, but without the acquiescence of the female quality, life would not open.

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