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TES1 Session 10 December 20, 1963 3/63 (5%) dictates board powers wolves loren

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Often when the child cries about a bogeyman, what he has seen is such an image production or fibrous projection, formed by vivid desire or fear on the part of the subconscious. These powers to project realities of this sort, or pseudorealities of this sort, are meant to be suspended for all intents and purposes during the earth plane. The entity, however, is not so bound. Naturally the subconscious is always linked with the entity, and merely attempts in these cases to imitate the powers of the entity itself. And it does have these powers, although they are usually latent.

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It is obvious, however, that all these powers of the entity cannot be vested in its various personalities. The consciousness of a part of the whole could not bear the weight of the consciousness of the whole. Fragment personalities could not possibly contain the whole, but they do contain the seeds of the whole.

The powers of the seeds are to remain latent, but many times they bear fruit. In each life the new consciousness struggles to tie together the whole present personality, to use what is necessary from the subconscious for the good of the personality, and to keep submerged in the subconscious any knowledge that would threaten the dominancy of the present ego.

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