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[... 4 paragraphs ...]

The feeling of fright and danger is the odor of fears and the secrets. The feelings of fear are the symptoms of the secrets and the fears. The releasing of these will not bring neither [sic] danger, nor fear, but only release. It goes without saying, however, that beneath all this, in class, is a structured inner organization large enough to be supportive. Do you follow me?

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

I will smile at you so that you feel better and if anyone wants to get whipped after they tell their little secrets, someone can go out and buy a whip. It might make you feel better. Do you feel better now?

[... 1 paragraph ...]

I gave you symbolic porridge one night, right? And it did a lot of good. Now, then, relax and be expressive, and you will feel much better. And do not have such a hang up over what I know you have in mind. Let it be. We are not giving away points for secrets.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Now my young friend, and all my dear young friends, first of all Joan Grant is a highly intelligent and very gifted woman. However, because of her own background and her reincamational background, she is tuned into tragic events and perceives these far more quickly than she perceives more pleasant events. She will, for example, perceive disasters and calamities. Now this is something she has taken upon herself and in her way, and I am not necessarily agreeing with this you understand, in her way she is trying to pay back errors that she feels that she made in the past. There is no need to pay for such errors, but as long as she believes that she must, then she will continue to do so. So these are not only her own agonies, but the agonies of others that she has taken upon herself. Psychologically you will use your inner abilities as you use your exterior abilities. For the same purposes and the same reasons and the same goals. Now she is doing some very excellent work, but she is causing herself agony that she need not bear.

(To Maggie.) You will not feel it necessary to take the same kind of agony upon yourself so do not be afraid of it. You are an extremely expansive person, and you will use your abilities to look for good prospects simply because you are sunny. That is better, I like smiles. You are practical in an esoteric manner in that you will use your abilities also to practically help yourself and others. But you will find much easier methods to deal with the tragedies.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Now you may think that Joan Grant has formed a far more splendid reality than you have, and yet none of you would live in her shoes for an hour. You are not willing, some of you, to accept and experience your own feelings and emotions much less those of others. Now Miss Grant could, instead, you see, be full of the joy that exists in all personalities and in all pasts, and she could be as much help to the individuals involved but working from an entirely different level.

(To Valerie.) And do not feel so bad. To make ideals practical and to make them work, that is some job, and it is much better to face them and try to make them real and make some kind of pleasantness here than cry because you do not have heaven on earth.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

You think because you come here that you are quite avant-garde and very with it and open-minded, indeed. There are people that you would not share your living room with who do not consider themselves avant-garde or open-minded, who do not understand concepts and are not equipped to intellectualize, but people who feel their own feelings with exaltation and joy and recognize their own identities because of this, and who are, therefore, open to the feelings of others and able to relate to them. When you use your inner abilities you are opening yourselves up to feelings, your own and those of others. And you cannot use symbols or concepts. You must learn to feel and recognize your feelings and be expansive. Only your fears are restrictive. You have all had secrets that you hid for many lives. You are far more nefarious in some of them than you are now.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

(To Janice.) Send the cat feelings of help. Do not think of it. Do it.

...It takes spontaneity. It takes unlearning most of the things that you have learned and it takes, unfortunately right now, this kind of probing to release your spontaneity. And you will have every opportunity to display spontaneity in class. But these are words that you use easily without ever thinking what they mean, or more important, without feeling what you think they mean, and then separating that from your inner feelings about the words involved.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

You will see it. More important, you will feel it and the main laboratory is here. You are doing well and using your abilities, and you will do better, and I will have more to say to you at another time.

(To Sue.) And to this one over here. And your feelings toward love, and do not grimace at the term, it is not as bad as the word God, and you can stomach it. You realize when you avoid the verbal terms you are also avoiding coming to face with what the terms mean, not only to yourself, but what the terms mean to other people. Now we are two good friends in the dream state for you to start being apprehensive now. I want you to answer the question next.

(To Mark.) First of all I have been misinterpreted. Nowhere did I tell you to hide or ignore your feelings or pretend that something did not annoy you when it did. Admit your feelings to yourself. Openly be aware of them. If they are unpleasant feelings then be aware of them as you would be aware of black clouds that pass your window. Do not pretend they do not exist, or you will run into trouble. But when you shove one black cloud against another black cloud you can have one hell of a storm so you do not have to retaliate, therefore. Simply be aware of your feeling, then try to understand the reality of the person involved. Why do they behave in such and such a manner? Once you have accepted your feelings then refuse to let the balance of your mind be upset by such disturbances even though you recognize them. Send, then, thoughts of peace towards the person involved, that their problems may be solved. This allows you freedom to admit your own feeling but puts you in control. Do you see the difference?

([Mark:]**“Yes, I’ve suddenly been feeling thoughts of love for this person in the hopes that this will help.”)

Just make sure that your thoughts of love are not impregnated with sperm of hate that you do not recognize. So accept your feelings and then send your thoughts of peace. Actively wish peace for the person involved.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

(To Sally.) You project your own distrust upon other people and then react to it and so you close yourself off from those feelings of trust that others would express for you. Now you have a deep distrust of self that you have managed to shove beneath for many years, and it originated before your divorce. Now the distrust was projected outward, and so you found in physical reality those effects that seemed to justify your feelings and, therefore, you hid further and further within yourself, adapting a militant manner to hide the helplessness that you felt.

Now I have not said this to you before because you were not ready for it before, but now you are, and you can progress and free your own feelings of trust and love. And then you will meet these in exterior circumstances and recognize them in others for they have been offered to you, both kindness and love and trust, in the past, and you did not recognize them. And they will be offered again, but hopefully you will recognize them.

(To Valerie.) There is, in the main, only one kind of betrayal. Your feelings will never betray you. Your instinctive self will never betray you. Only you can betray your feelings by being distrustful of them. They are a portion of yourself. They are a way that you look at the reality that you know. It is only when you inhibit or deny them that harmful charges are built up that can affect others. Each person has his own built in defense mechanism against your ill will. And while your ill will, and the ill will of each of you, carries some charge, it is not nearly strong enough to upset the balance of a personality who is determined to accept their own feelings and live their own lives. Normally accepted and recognized in, the feelings are picked up by others, but they are recognized as learning mechanisms. Their reactions and your reactions are made known to the inner self. You know how you stand. If an individual offends you, and you honestly accept your feelings, then he knows of this and is simply made aware of a circumstance. In this instance you are offended, then he can make whatever changes he so chooses, but if you ignore the feeling and the affair happens again, then the charge is built up and becomes harmful. And then he may be hit by the super charge at some later date.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Then express the feelings as they come to you, and there is nothing to fear. This will free you to express joy and love. You cannot inhibit the recognition of one feeling without getting into the habit of inhibiting all your feelings. If you distrust one feeling, then feeling itself becomes fearful, and you inhibit it. It is as if the sky then decided to reject the black clouds and then, through association, decided to reject the white clouds; and, through association, to reject anything at all that might appear within it.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Simply recognize that they exist as realities, whether or not, intellectually, you accept them. Emotionally accept them, then see them as natural phenomena in the same way that you observe the splendor and strength of a storm, and then let them flow out of you and outward into the great healing universe that uses both storms and emotions creatively. Trust the vitality of life and the universe, recognize the feelings and let them flow out of you. The universe knows what to do with them. It does no good to put a lid on to hold them in, only you explode.

Now when you get a copy of this session read it and let the feelings go as rain or wind or lightening.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Feelings are life, feelings are consciousness. The gods do not dwell in some nirvana innocent of everything that you know. This is energy and you are using it and learning what to do with it. Now, peace.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Now if you inhibit your feelings you can, to a large extent, even inhibit your dream experience, and this is aside from monitoring your own dream memories. Therefore, much information that is available to you, you will automatically censor and not use to its true value.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

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