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TPS5 Deleted Session April 16, 1979 taxes joyce bill conventional pendulum

(“Before nap I asked for help from spontaneous self, and when I awakened I did feel better. Awoke several times during hour nap, realizing I felt rather good. Toward the end of my nap: I presume, a dream…. I was having a Seth session, seated at my place at living room table. Rob possibly could have been sitting in my desk chair. Anyhow, he was facing me. He started to yell, throw up his arms, and he was remembering some reincarnational material that was unpleasant. Possibly Seth had just given it to him. I came out of trance though, telling Rob everything was okay to remember, let it out, and let go. Another figure sat nearby, taking notes, and I think this was Rob too; this figure was more distant and said nothing….very clear.”

*(“The pendulum insists there’s nothing wrong physically in the side-groin area, but I’m beginning to wonder. Pendulum tells me the side bothers because I’m not working on Mass Reality, which will get us money, whereas *Through My Eyes is a less-certain project, would take longer, and the time I spend on it is time lost on Mass Reality. In other words, I’m very concerned about my financial contribution, and paying all those taxes exacerbates it all.

*(“Tonight the pendulum says just what it did yesterday—that I feel poorly because I estimated a high income when we don’t have it in sight; that I think I should be working on *Mass Reality *instead of *Through My Eyes because the former will bring in sure money; that I think I don’t contribute enough financially; that I feel lousy because I want something definite to work on —that at this time I’m not contributing enough. The pendulum also says I think I deserve the symptoms for the above reasons.


TES6 Session 264 June 1, 1966 shack surgeon trails robs awakening

[...] “I talk to Rob. [...] Suddenly I see two Robs: Rob’s double is in another room, that I can also see from my viewpoint. I keep talking to Rob and tell him to stay where he is. [...] Sure enough I can see both Robs clearly. They both talk, so I tell Rob to come into the hall so he can see what I see. He does, and both Robs see each other. Others, hearing us, see both Robs also.”

(Seth’s material on page 204 agreed with what I had learned myself by using the pendulum, both today and earlier in the week. I hadn’t told Jane what results or answers I obtained through the pendulum.

[...] I think that here I had a false awakening and told Rob about the beautiful plants. [...]


TES7 February 2, 1967 Dream: Third Sequence untermeyer girl dramatically poetry brown

[...] I said to some of them, “Do you know how to work the pendulum?" As I said this I knew that they did before they answered, yes. [...]

Then we were all going back to our apartment, Rob’s and mine. [...]

TPS2 Deleted Session August 27, 1973 kiss depresses hug suggestions love

[...] I want Ruburt to keep a pendulum by the bed. In the morning suggestions given with the pendulum, and both of you participating. [...]

[...] Jane wrote upon reading this session: “How I often deal opaquely with Rob. [...]

[...] Among other things, Jane wrote later: “I thought Rob was saying—when you’re completely recovered, etc we’ll take trips. [...]

TES8 Session 403 March 16, 1968 pat reed dick image rob

([Rob:]“Good evening, Seth.”)

[...] Consciously you do not want to accept them and this is one reason why you have had difficulty with the pendulum. [...]

Let our friend Ruburt and that one (Rob) take a brief break. [...]


TPS4 Deleted Session May 15, 1978 truth timeless examine quandary distractions

(Our daily pendulum work continues, and continues to get good results. [...]

[...] That, plus your pendulum work, prevents fears from going underground again. [...]

[...] On the other hand, they rob you in time of that second life you want, in which to examine your experiences.


TES3 Session 104 November 4, 1964 jimmy warning sale dump controls

(Now in the very beginning, I felt a sudden need for Rob. [...] I asked mentally if Rob was in any trouble, got no answer. [As I wrote this down, in the second sentence with the * I found myself substituting Rob’s name, no, Walt’s name for Rob’s. Maybe something happened to Walt? [...]

[...] Checked with the pendulum. [...] Don’t know how trustworthy the pendulum is.)

(If it is a death, and in Rob’s family, say of Linda, which I doubt, then why the return name of my mother’s friend? [With whom I was not close?] Maybe one of my nieces, instead of Rob’s? [...]

TPS4 Deleted Session May 31, 1978 edifice walking steal security millionaire

[...] This morning, we’d asked a series of pendulum questions about material in Monday’s session, concerning work, inspiration, protection, and so forth, and obtained some illuminating answers.

[...] Such people do not want publicity, for someone might find their address and rob their valuables—those that remain at home.

TPS4 Deleted Session May 10, 1978 inspired impulses guests decide responding

[...] On the other hand he thinks “What if I am inspired with new material when I still have Seven to finish, and when besides I should be helping Rob with “Unknown”?

Use this session to compose some new pendulum questions also. [...]

TES7 Session 281 August 29, 1966 barbara andreano dick wedding poem

The pendulum is an excellent method of discovering your subconscious feelings, and indeed of changing them. [...]

[...] The pendulum told me I reacted to the group Friday evening. [...]

[...] Later note by Rob: Poem is a valentine of sorts; love poem.


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