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NoPR Chapter 12: Session 649, March 19, 1973 races judgments moral prevailing wealth

This of course involves considerations of race, and you must realize that your present race is the one into which you were born, in your terms, in this place and time. Each of you have been members of different races, and so each of you have shared in both the advantages and ignominies attached, in historic terms, to such conditions of birth.

This is not the place for me to go into a long discussion concerning the significance of races, yet each one is highly meaningful, and represents a different aspect of humanity as a whole. Therefore, each race has a symbolic meaning to mankind’s psyche. The outside experience and structure of any given race’s experience may change, but the inner symbolism will still remain, and be creatively grappled with.

Your daily experience will be affected by your race, your beliefs about it, your beliefs about other races, and the climate of opinion in general. On a quite simple basis, if you consider God in human terms you will project him as belonging to your own race. If you belong to a minority or if you are black, then you may be caught in a conflict of beliefs.


TES9 Session 491 July 2, 1969 race constructively system beauties clay

[...] Large groupings and regroupings occur within the mass psyche, huge waves of energy as the race makes important decisions. [...]

[...] You become extremely engrossed in the activity, but you also know in deeper layers of your personality that your existence and the existence of the race will continue.

[...] Or you imagine the race of man vanishing, or starting all over again as it were from scratch.


UR2 Section 5: Session 724 December 4, 1974 counterparts fronted races personage century

Those seeds form the physical races, which are all variations on a theme, or as Ruburt would say, eccentricities2 of an everchanging model. You accept the fact that there are biological connections in terms of family, country, and race, between yourselves and the other individuals on your planet. The species divides itself up, so to speak, and the members of the different races at any given time distribute themselves in the various lands and continents. [...] You say: “This race is thus and so, and we can trace its history through the ages.”* Or: “That race initiated language.” Generally speaking, you see certain races as having their own characteristics. [...] No one, however, feels less a person because of not being in a race by himself or herself.

Psychically, you are made up of counterparts, as physically you come from various races. There are far more counterpart groupings than there are races, but then your definition of races is arbitrary. [...] Basically, however, counterparts deal with fulfillments and developments that transcend races or countries.

[...] That greater personhood gives birth to many “psychic children,” who then become physical by being born into the races of men and women.

TES9 Session 498 August 25, 1969 aerofranz adam race system clumps

Not only this, but even if the race as you know it distorts itself beyond belief, or even destroys itself, the many will not forget. The knowledge, hard won, would be as instinct when the race began again. [...]

(Before the session this evening I spent some time blowing off steam about a variety of large issues that we see reflected in our daily news media—such things as corruption, pollution, inflation, the destiny of the race if it persists in its present ways, etc. [...]

[...] There is some compensation, and the race knows this. [...]


NoPR Chapter 13: Session 651, March 26, 1973 blacks races sleeping age unconscious

In this value system the black races are feared, as, basically, the aged are feared. [...]

In your society therefore the black race has represented what you think of as the chaotic, primitive, spontaneous, savage, unconscious portions of the self, the underside of the “proper American citizen.”

[...] There was always a great fear that the blacks as a race would escape their bounds — given an inch they would take a yard — simply because the whites so greatly feared the nature of the inner self, and recognized the power that they tried so desperately to strangle within themselves.


TES9 Seth II diminished cell human condenses beyond

[...] We want you to realize that though it is hard for us to communicate, we spoke with your race before your race learned language. [...]

TPS3 Deleted Session January 19, 1976 coping unsafe race preventive alteration

[...] The race tries to improve the quality of its experience through probing different kinds of probabilities. In a way each individual tries a different course for himself and for the race as a whole.

[...] In those terms you have barely begun to pass through the state of New York in the mental journey the race has begun.

When the race began physical focus it learned to behave in a more or less permanent-appearing environment, and so it developed a suitable self that also appeared to be permanent enough for a time within that world.


NoPR Chapter 14: Session 655, April 11, 1973 athlete neuronal options thirteen cobweb

[...] Great artists by their very works demonstrate other attributes latent in the race as a whole. [...] Within the experience of your race as you know it lie all the patterns that would point to some fully developed human being, in which all inherent tendencies were given full play and came to fruition.

You would have an individual who displayed within himself [or herself] all of those great abilities known to the race, fulfilled according to his own unique temper — the artist, mathematician, athlete, the inventor — all the extraordinary qualities of creaturedom; the emotional realities would be used to their capacity, and any of the racial qualities or characteristics of the species would be given their complete freedom.

TPS2 Session 640 (Deleted Portion) February 14, 1973 reflected tim answers foote 14

[...] The sessions among other things have always represented your combined love and trust in each other, and were generated by your experience as creatures, and your desire to look for personal answers; but more basically for answers asked by all of your race.

UR2 Section 5: Session 722 November 27, 1974 particles waves physicists wavelike versions

[...] The races are alive together at any given time on your earth in varying proportions, so there are physical organizations, biologically speaking, that you recognize. You do not feel threatened because you do not have your particular race to yourself. So there are inner psychic “races” to which you belong, or psychic stocks, so to speak, each providing physical variations.9

(Intently:) As certain races possess their own characteristics and shared biological background, and come from the same biological pool, however, so these counterparts come from the same psychic pool, and physically seed the members of the races at any given “time.” [...]

Now: You are each members of a particular race, and you do not feel any the less individualistic because of that affiliation.


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