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TPS2 Session 625 (Deleted Portion) November 1, 1972 list pitfalls unworthiness want beliefs

Twice a day for 15 minutes at a time, to take the place of psycho-cybernetics, I want him to dwell upon these positive activities and characteristics. This will automatically help replace some of the negative beliefs concerning unworthiness, and is an effective way of avoiding pitfalls.

TPS2 Session 657 (Deleted Portion) April 18, 1973 satisfactory diverts bugs ashes pressing

These suggestions can effectively take the place of Psycho-Cybernetics, but only if they are followed.

TPS3 Session 710 (Deleted Portion) October 7, 1974 challenging indoctrinations boldly cowering philosophically

[...] On one level the Psycho-Cybernetics is important also, for it reminds him on the simplest of terms that he can perform better, and reinforces a trust in himself.

TPS1 Session 382 (Deleted) November 27, 1967 psycho cybernetics depths assist hampered

[...] (Psycho-Cybernetics.)

[...] (Pause.) The book (Psycho-Cybernetics) will do you every bit as much good as it will do Ruburt, and I recommend it heartily, with some variations, as a basis upon which to build the rest of your days.

[...] The book (Psycho-Cybernetics) will help you as an artist. [...]


TPS1 Deleted Session April 15, 1969 intelligence perfect infinite subconscious organs

*(These suggestions are based upon the readings by Jane and Rob in *Psycho-Cybernetics. [...]

TES9 Session 483 May 21, 1969 reverend crosson berkshires filed venture

[...] If he now uses psycho-cybernetics as applied to his work and to the (Seth) book, and makes a definite effort with those methods to focus all of his energy into the book, the symptoms will simply fall away, and quickly. [...]

[...] Intelligent use of the imagination, focused use as suggested in psycho-cybernetics and other such methods, provide excellent training. [...]

TPS2 Deleted Session November 19, 1973 speediest graces moments reinstate overcoming

Psycho-Cybernetics worked well for a time, because at that stage the book served to break up body beliefs, though he hadn’t tackled the reasons behind them. [...]

TES9 Session 488 June 18, 1969 local symptom gains mess defeat

The twenty minutes of psycho-cybernetics should be particularly maintained when he is not feeling well, for in themselves they help him change his mood and give a breathing spell. [...]

[...] The idea behind the psycho-cybernetics exercises is that in the future such thinking will become automatic.

TES8 Session 383 November 29, 1967 liveright vision pell painting materialize

(“You’re talking about Psycho-Cybernetics.”)

[...] (High, Low and Psycho.) Both of you need rest this evening. [...]

(Here Seth refers to Jane’s book of poetry, High, Low and Psycho. [...]

TPS1 Session 378 (Deleted) November 8, 1967 grouping otto author success outflow

The book I recommended will be of great benefit (Psycho-Cybernetics). [...]

Ruburt is doing well with the exercises (in Psycho-Cybernetics) and will improve. [...]

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