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NoME Chapter 7: Session 854, May 16, 1979 heroics fanatics war uncommon jehovah

Fanatics always use ringing rhetoric, and speak in the highest terms of truth, good and evil, and particularly of retribution. To some extent capital punishment is the act of a fanatical society: The taking of the murderer’s life does not bring back the victim’s, and it does not prevent other men from [committing] such crimes. I am aware that the death penalty often seems to be a practical solution — and indeed many murderers want to die, and are caught because of their need for punishment. Many, now — and I am speaking generally — are in the position they are because they so thoroughly believe what all of you believe to a large extent: that you are flawed creatures, spawned by a meaningless universe, or made by a vengeful God and damaged by original sin.

(Pause.) Fanatics exist because of the great gap between an idealized good and an exaggerated version of its opposite. The idealized good is projected into the future, while its exaggerated opposite is seen to pervade the present. The individual is seen as powerless to work alone toward that ideal with any sureness of success. Because of his belief in his powerlessness [the fanatic] feels that any means to an end is justified. Behind all this is the belief that spontaneously the ideal will never be achieved, and that, indeed, on his own man is getting worse and worse in every aspect: How can flawed selves ever hope to spontaneously achieve any good?

Dictation. Basically (pause), a fanatic believes that he is powerless.


NoME Chapter 7: Session 846, April 4, 1979 idealist fanatic catastrophic harrisburg acute


[...] Jonestown, Harrisburg, and When Is an Idealist a Fanatic?”

TPS3 Deleted Session July 11, 1977 threats fanatic stimulated reversible wholesale

[...] No one is going to mistake Ruburt for a fanatic, or a psychic nut, or whatever. [...] He cannot remotely be considered in that framework—except by fanatics, who are already within it.

Comment: now: for all of the fanatic’s display of energy, he feels basically powerless. [...]

[...] That ideal, however, different in one area than in another, was usually self-righteously applied with a vengeance and fanatical zest, so that all things outside it were seen as evil.


TPS3 Deleted Sessions July 9, 1977 fanatic fools threatful books safety

[...] (Humorously:) When you are picketed (in NYC) by fanatics, you must be doing something right.

[...] I understand that fanatics, for example, have their place. [...]

Fanatics certainly serve a purpose, and actually they help maintain overall equilibrium of society by serving as examples to others, who often have some of the same beliefs but are of a less explosive nature.


NoME Chapter 7: Session 852, May 9, 1979 hitler aryan germany jews grandiose

You must realize that fanatics always deal with grandiose ideals, while at the same time they believe in man’s sinful nature, and the individual’s lack of power. [...] Fanatics call others to social action. [...]

[...] [Adolf] Hitler pursued his version of “the good” with undeviating fanatical intent. [...]

[...] They would become the victims of Hitler’s fanatical ideal of Germany’s good.


NoME Chapter 8: Session 856, May 24, 1979 watergate idealized president idealist fanatic

Look at it this way: If someone tells you that pleasure is wrong and tolerance is weakness, and that you must follow this or that dogma blindly in obedience, and if you are told this is the only right road toward the idealized good, then most likely you are dealing with a fanatic. [...] If you are told to give up your free will, you are dealing with a fanatic.

Let us look briefly at that entire affair, remembering some of our earlier questions: When does an idealist turn into a fanatic, and how? [...]

(Pause.) No one is as fanatical, and no one can be more cruel, than the self-righteous. [...]


TPS5 Deleted Session December 2, 1978 bryant anita zandt greatness dickie

[...] And the same applies to our Reverend Jones, and to any fanatic, for the fanatic speaks in exaggerated terms, but he or she speaks beliefs that to some extent each of you hold, but to what degree? [...] And you may say they are fanatics, which they are. [...] So even the fanatic serves good purposes. And I will tell you that no one and no fanatic leads masses of people. [...]

[...] It is because you expect so much from people that Anita Bryant and fanatics fall so short. [...]

NoME Chapter 8: Session 857, May 30, 1979 impulses denied power idealism motives

The idea [of democracy] expresses the existence of a high idealism — one that demands political and social organizations that are effective to some degree in providing some practical expression of those ideals (emphatically). When those organizations fail and a gulf between idealism and actualized good becomes too great, then such conditions help turn some idealists into fanatics. [...] Thus, he blocks his reason as fanatically as earlier he blocked his intuitions. [...]

(9:49.) Many cults of one kind or another, and many fanatics, seek to divide you from your natural impulses, to impede their expression. [...]

Only when the natural impulse (to act constructively) is denied consistently does the idealist turn into a fanatic. [...]

WTH Chapter 14: June 24, 1984 canker fanatically lemon chemotherapy stubbornly

[...] This can propel him or her into a rather severe schizophrenic reaction, in which the scientist now defends most fanatically the same ideas that he rejected most fanatically only a short time before.

TPS5 Deleted Session September 13, 1978 carter god arabs jews men

Fanatics work best in isolation, where their own beliefs are currently and constantly reinforced, and where they are surrounded by sacred yes-men of one kind or another, whatever their designation. Other beliefs are not allowed to intrude, and even those who are firm believers, but not fanatics, naturally prefer the company of their own kind.

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