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TES3 Session 136 March 1, 1965 identical duplicate receiver electrical sender

Prime identities cannot be duplicated. Duplication, exact duplication, is always merely an effect of insufficient knowledge. In some cases two thoughts may indeed appear identical, but whether or not examination can show it, such exact duplication is impossible. Now. When receiver B receives this transmitted thought, he may react and interpret that part of the thought that is similar to the original.

I cannot explain everything at once, and so obviously many questions would remain unanswered until we can get to them. For the original thought, as an identity, to actually be transmitted to a sender, you would have to face the inevitable result: If the identical thought were actually transmitted from A to B, then A would have it no longer. Since A obviously may still have the original thought, then B has not the identical thought; not an exact duplicate, but instead a similar but still unidentical thought.

TES3 Session 137 March 3, 1965 action vitality electrical perceivable identity

[...] The chair created then by any given individual, and perceived by him, is an identity in that it exists at any given time, without any exact duplication. Basically, for any duplication to appear, the exact atoms and molecules would have to be used, and this is obviously impossible.

[...] He does not even send an exact duplicate. [...]

TES8 Seth’s Impressions Concerning The Gallagher’s Trip To New York gallaghers antique 74th shops hobnail

([Jane added:] Peg in this exact neighborhood for specific reason. [...]

TES2 Session 80 August 24, 1964 aug cold vacation unpleasantness maine

[...] I did not keep an exact record because I did not have the experiment in mind at the beginning of the trip. [...] Again without keeping an exact count, I arrived home with the definite feeling that the car used at least two quarts less oil. [...]

TES8 Session 391 January 13, 1968 jerry billie tony says vermont

[...] Many parts of the record are exact, however.

[...] Exact voice description.) She says, and this is my impression: that’s no lie, as if that was an expression of hers. [...]

(Jerry said that the data echoed Billie’s fiery, hot-tempered disposition very well, and that the phrases Jane cited like “guts and gumption”, etc., were the exact ones used by Billie. [...]

TPS1 Session 528 (Deleted Portion) May 13, 1970 penis spot directed toward pyramid

[...] These notes may not be in exact order according to developments; they are put together from what Jane told me after the session. [...]

TES6 Session 260 May 18, 1966 goldsmith nate saratoga spade visits

[...] On both occasions Jane and I were on our way to York Beach, Maine, on vacation; both visits to York Beach played a part in these sessions, and exact dates can be found in appropriate sessions. [...]

[...] The object was presented flat or opened up in the envelope, so also visible at a glance would be more than five lines—eight to be exact exclusive of the name on the caricature. [...]

WTH Chapter 14: August 30, 1984 die oh worsening dentist scream

[...] They go into exact detail as to what was wrong, and they fit today like a glove. [...]

TPS1 December 20, 2002 Description Of The Visitors In October, 2002 By Laurel Lee Davies-Butts. hawk eagle deb bird flew

[...] The exact number of readers is unknown, but over the years many people have visited and have written to Rob and Jane.

TES1 Preface rick 510 binders dedicated published

[...] These 510 sessions, then, are exact copies from the verbatim transcripts I made in my homemade shorthand while Jane spoke for Seth; I added notes and comments while typing the material after each session. [...]

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