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NoME Chapter 6: Session 846, April 4, 1979 jonestown fallout mile cult reactor

Granting that, however, cults interact, and so there is quite a relationship between the state of religion, when it operates as a cult, and the state of science when it operates as a cult. Right now your cultish religions exist in response to the cultish behavior of science. Science insists it does not deal with values, but leaves those to philosophers. In stating that the universe is an accidental creation, however, a meaningless chance conglomeration formed by an unfeeling cosmos, it states quite clearly its belief that the universe and man’s existence has no value. All that remains is what pleasure or accomplishment can somehow be wrested from man’s individual biological processes.

The Harrisburg situation potentially threatened the lives of many thousands, and in that circle of events the characteristics of a cult are less easy to discern. Yet they are present. You have scientific cults as well as religious ones.

(Jane was quite upset before the session this evening, and I’m the one who was responsible for her state. Somehow, after supper, we got on the subject of Seth doing a “quick book” about Jonestown and Three Mile Island, something that could be offered to the public very soon, instead of material that would show up in a regular Seth book a couple of years from now. We already had the perfect title for the book, one we’d jokingly originated following last Monday night’s session: Seth on Jonestown and Three Mile Island: Religious and Scientific Cults.


TPS5 Session 843 (Deleted) March 28, 1979 patterson johnson mrs corruption cult

[...] I will use my own definition of a cult here, saying that a cult exists whenever a group forms a closed, emotionally charged mental environment in which the foundations of individuality are systematically and purposefully undermined.

(At 3:50 PM Jane told me that she’d just received from Seth a definition of cults. [...]

[...] You are told not to make decisions, and to give yourself completely to the system of the cult.

NoME Chapter 5: Session 834, February 5, 1979 residents mosaics environments images counterparts

There are religious cults, and there are also scientific ones. There are people who follow a cult that is purely private, with rules and regulations as rigorous as any sent down to a group of frightened followers by a despot of whatever kind. [...]

The other heading he gave helps make up the title for the next chapter (6). Add to it: “Religious and Scientific Cults, and Private Paranoias.”

NoME Chapter 7: Session 852, May 9, 1979 hitler aryan germany jews grandiose

[...] That unfortunate chant is behind the beliefs of many cults — scientific and religious — and Hitler’s Aryan kingdom was a curious interlocking of the worst aspects of religion and science alike, in which their cultish tendencies were encouraged and abetted.

[...] The steps were the ones mentioned earlier (in a number of sessions in Part 3), as those involved with any cult. [...]

[...] He behaved nationalistically, as any minor cult leader does in a smaller context. [...]

WTH Chapter 10: June 7, 1984 older population maladies diet suffer

These conditions also occur in some varieties of religious cults, whether or not strict sexual segregation is enforced. [...]

(Long pause at 3:34.) You can also find single families, of course, that operate like cults — or an entire nation — that are given over to repression with its resulting violence.

DEaVF2 Chapter 7: Session 914, May 7, 1980 retarded meaningfulness values achievement groups

[...] (Emphatically:) These new cults and groups, however—these new cults and groups, therefore—therefore—are following the paths of genetic wisdom, opening up new areas of speculation and belief. [...]

There are grass-roots organizations—cults, groups of every persuasion—growing up in your country as small groups of people together, once again, search for intellectual reasons to back up their innate emotional knowledge that life has meaning. [...]

NoME Chapter 7: Session 854, May 16, 1979 heroics fanatics war uncommon jehovah

[...] Cult leaders are more often male than female, and females are more often than not followers, because they have been taught that it is wrong for them to use power, and right for them to follow the powerful.

I said (in Session 846) that you have religious and scientific cults, and the male-oriented scientific community uses its power in the same way that the male Jehovah used his power in a different arena, to protect his friends and destroy his enemies. [...]

WTH Chapter 13: June 23, 1984 superbeing schizophrenic dogmas madness directives

If the major religions have been touched, then there have also been numberless smaller cults and sects throughout history into the present that bear that same stamp of great psychological power and energy, coupled with an inborn leaning toward self destruction and vengeance.

NoME Chapter 6: Session 835, February 7, 1979 whooosh victims leader americans jonestown

[...] They help create the dogma or system or cult to which they “fall prey.” [...]

[...] Involved also are her adamant feelings against having the Seth material used as the basis for any kind of cult, with herself as its leader. [...]

NoME Chapter 8: Session 857, May 30, 1979 impulses denied power idealism motives

(9:49.) Many cults of one kind or another, and many fanatics, seek to divide you from your natural impulses, to impede their expression. [...]

According to conditions, such a person could be a member of a small cult or the head of a nation, a criminal or a national hero, who claims to act with the authority of God. [...]

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