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WTH Chapter 12: June 15, 1984 fetuses offspring deficient cart deaths

Again, no one is punished for crimes committed in a past life, and in each life you are unique. The inner intelligence within you that gives you each life also gives you the conditions of each life. It certainly seems to you, or to many of you, that most people would always choose to be born healthy and whole, in an excellent environment, of parents with loving natures and genetic excellence — and in other words to grow up healthy, wealthy, and wise.

The universe is meaningful or it is not. Since the universe is indeed meaningful, then there must be a reason and a cause even for conditions that appear chaotic, cruel, or grotesque. Even in such cases, however, at some extent or another the individual can indeed start over — or at least those closest to the person in question can begin to see a larger framework of existence in which even the most dire of physical circumstances are somehow redeemed.

In many cases, it is the parents of such offspring who suffer more than their children, since it seems as if such families were unjustly saddled with the most unfortunate woes.


SS Chapter 13: Session 557, October 28, 1970 reincarnating conception fetus birth enters

In these circumstances, when the personality attaches itself at conception, there is almost without exception strong past-life connections between parents and child, or there is an unceasing and almost obsessional desire to return to the earthly situation — either for a specific purpose, or because the reincarnating personality is presently obsessed with earthly existence. [...]

You may have already decided for example, now, upon the circumstances for your next incarnation. Although in your terms your new parents may be infants now, or in your scale of time not even born, the arrangements may still be made.

[...] This support is suddenly denied at birth. If the new personality has not entered earlier to any full extent, it usually does so at birth, in order to stabilize the new organism. [...] The new personality, therefore, will experience birth to varying degrees according to when it has entered this dimension.


UR1 Section 1: Session 680 February 6, 1974 linden inventor probable selves hysterectomy

(To me again:) Your birth (in 1919) coincided with the birth of your mother’s child in that other reality, hence her stronger feelings toward you. Your birth, and that of your youngest brother (Richard) were highly charged for her — yours for the reasons just given, and your brother’s because it represented the time of your mother’s hysterectomy in that other reality. In this reality, Richard’s birth represented your father’s final attempt to deal with emotional reality. Both of your parents imbued the third son with the strongest emotional qualities of their natures. [...]

This was a great fulfillment on his part, for the inventor did not trust himself to feel much emotion, much less give birth to emotional beings. In that other probability in which your parents originally met, your mother married a doctor, became a nurse, and helped her husband in his practice. [...]

[...] There were three offshoots: one, the nun, with mysticism conventionally expressed, but under guarded circumstances; one, the writer who veiled mystical experience through art; and one, the Ruburt you know, who experienced mystical experience directly, teaches others to do the same, and forms through writing a wedding of the two aspects. You have known two of those selves, then, and you were present at Ruburt’s birth with Idea Construction.


SS Chapter 4: Session 523, April 13, 1970 environment punctuate subjugations syndromes script

[...] In each life you choose and create your own settings or environments; and in this one you chose your parents and whatever childhood incidents that came within your experience. [...]

I have also discussed reincarnation in terms of environment because many schools of thought over-emphasize the effects of reincarnational existences, so that often they explain present-life circumstances as a result of rigid and uncompromising patterns determined in a “past” life. [...]

[...] Chairs and tables, the ceilings and the floors, may seem very real and solid — quite permanent — while you by contrast may feel yourself to be highly vulnerable, caught in a moment between birth and extinction. [...]

NoME Chapter 9: Session 866, July 18, 1979 cancer norm autistic gifted host

[...] It cannot choose to read. The plant cannot choose to walk down the street. The chicken and the plant can choose to live or die, however — rather important issues in the existence of any entity. They can choose to like or dislike their environment, and to change it according to their individual circumstances. [...] They cooperatively choose the forms that they take.

(Pause.) Your brains are not empty, but well-oiled machines ready to whirl into activity at your births. [...] In those terms, now, the brain thinks before birth. [...] Parents, however, often half-disapprove of their children if they show unusual gifts. [...]

[...] Gifted children do not fit the portrait of children that is sold to parents. [...]


TPS1 Session 473 (Deleted) April 7, 1969 maze aggressive illness exaggerated college

[...] A normal child at times can slap its parent back, and the parent is obviously immune. The child’s strength is nothing against the parent's. In Ruburt’s case such normal reactions were out of the question.

[...] At some time or another almost every child wishes that his parent or parents were dead, and the parents manage to survive quite well, until they are quite ready to leave your sphere of activity.

[...] No personality chooses a life situation of illness. It chooses the best method it can to aid in overall development.


TES8 Session 343 May 22, 1967 offspring action structure electromagnetically interchangings

There are births that have nothing to do with physical birth, and offspring quite as real. [...] That is, the parents wish to project themselves, you see, but instead are the participators of a new personality.

[...] Reincarnated selves are no more than probable selves, choosing to experience various forms. In such circumstances, the personality does not leave your system, in your terms, for some time, though this is all subjective. [...]

NoPR Chapter 3: Session 618, September 28, 1972 core seagull dick belief parental

The idea of being the responsible parent, for example, may lead quite easily to other psychic structures involving responsibility, so that data is accepted on its own value. You may even think that it is wrong to view any situation except through your parental status.

(“So other things were also involved — not only the birth of a book, but the emergence of the inner self, through art, into the physical universe. Now part of the focus and the strength comes from those two births, and the intensity behind them is also the reason why the book’s nativity strikes the world as strongly as it does. [...]

For example, here is a seemingly very innocent core belief: “I am a responsible parent.”


NoME Chapter 5: Session 833, January 31, 1979 deaths fame mate reams die

This is not the reason for all such deaths by any means, but there is usually an implied statement in them so that the death seems to have an additional meaning that makes parents and contemporaries question. Such individuals usually choose deaths with a high dramatic content, because regardless of appearances they have not been able to express the dramatic contents of their psyches in the world as it seems to be to them. [...]

[...] And when it seems that the world is devoid of meaning, then some people will make a certain kind of statement through the circumstances connected with their own deaths.

There are people who want children and mates, and have those excellent qualities that would serve them well as parents. [...]


TES9 Session 458 January 20, 1969 uncle horses teacher appointed availability

[...] These reasons however have to do with circumstances that are usually beyond “normal” control: electromagnetic conditions, psychological circumstances—the psychological climate for example. [...]

(For a while now Jane and I have been considering the question, aloud, of Seth’s availability to us whenever we choose to hold a session. [...]

(This is a different thing than Seth being available say at 8 AM, or noon, or other capricious hours we may choose. [...]


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