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TPS3 Jane’s Notes Wednesday, July 13 1/7 (14%) judicious ans hrs responding pliant

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How often is it that an insight about ourselves surprises us? Just now, reading a letter from the editor of an occult journal I found myself mentally responding in James vein, saying: I am somewhat judicious, and therefore waited before responding”—and suddenly I saw—that I WAS SOMEWHAT JUDICIOUS—I AM SOMEWHAT JUDICIOUS and in my mind I’ve thought that I was if anything overly spontaneous and therefore to be watched lest my spontaneity contradict my “reason” as if on my own I had no “judiciousness”—and not seeing in fact that the symptoms were the result of —over-judiciousness. I am... judicious. Naturally. I don’t have to take stern measures—for—automatically I use my spontaneity judiciously! A remarkable insight—to me; and that’s what matters.

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