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TPS3 Jane’s Notes Thanksgiving Morning 1975 4:45 AM 1/6 (17%) cosmos library supercautious heroic boldness

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I thought I had a few ideas to jot down, now I’ve nearly forgotten what they were. Something about my personal purposes—what I’m trying to do.... reconcile a seemingly impersonal cosmos with man’s intimate nature? Trying to find where man and cosmos merge? Trying to find man’s personal path as a species in the cosmos, rather than just as a species on the earth; this presupposes that I find my own personal path within that cosmos; and where I’ve been bold in certain respects—with Rob’s help it also seems to me that I’ve been supercautious; in perhaps too many instances. This MAY result in spurts of fairly great rhythm of such things. I’d say that I could use my abilities far more fully even in those areas already being explored—Seth, the library, Sumari, etc., even if I wanted to leave other areas alone (seances, etc.). A greater boldness might also be therapeutic—and I certainly know I can count on Rob. His suggestion I try to go into the library—(yesterday) probably was responsible for the Seth-in-library thing tonight. This was I think the first time I’ve seen Seth’s image that clearly; though once in a session I think I did.

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