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TES9 Notes By RFB July 20, 1969 5/15 (33%) aldrin armstrong moon landing module

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(I was lying in bed in a sleepy drowsy state, waiting for Jane to come to bed. In a brief time I seemed to be concerned about the landing of the astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon this afternoon.

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(I seemed to briefly hover just above the two men after they had left the spindly ladder of the landing craft, & stepped onto the moon surface. Briefly, I saw them quite clearly. Somehow, I knew the one I was concerned about was Armstrong.

(I saw him fall to, or lying, on the moon surface, in some kind of trouble. Aldrin was standing close by—a few feet away, & approaching and/or bending over Armstrong. Also a few feet away—5 or 6—was the ladder the 2 men had used to descend from the module.

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(I do remember that I briefly wondered, as I fell asleep, if the experience reflected a quite natural concern over the moon-landing’s potential hazards.

(I do not think that in my experience I ever “stood” on the moon surface. I seemed instead to hover or be suspended just at the head-height of the astronaut, Aldrin—perhaps six feet. —RFB.

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