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TES9 Notes By RFB July 20, 1969 4/15 (27%) aldrin armstrong moon landing module

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(I was lying in bed in a sleepy drowsy state, waiting for Jane to come to bed. In a brief time I seemed to be concerned about the landing of the astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon this afternoon.

(Actually my concern was over some kind of accident to Armstrong after he & Aldrin had left the lunar module or landing craft—this I believe is scheduled for 2:17 AM Monday, according to [this morning’s] Sunday paper.

(I seemed to briefly hover just above the two men after they had left the spindly ladder of the landing craft, & stepped onto the moon surface. Briefly, I saw them quite clearly. Somehow, I knew the one I was concerned about was Armstrong.

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(I do remember that I briefly wondered, as I fell asleep, if the experience reflected a quite natural concern over the moon-landing’s potential hazards.

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