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TES8 Notes By Peggy Gallagher 8/27 (30%) table circulatory descendant graphics complacency

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(November 24, 1967. Spontaneous Seth session, following a period of working with the table, in which pressure built up to the point where the table finally broke, working through A A)

The name Carol is called Arparka now you have seen a physical object behave in a manner in which no physical object has a right to behave. The physical universe is as unpredictable as the behavior of that table. I come to you as a complete stranger. I am a stranger to you but you are not strangers to me, and so you see, I have the advantage, and I always take advantage of my advantages.

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I can say to you what you have not said to yourselves in your private moments. For as tables move so indeed do souls fly. Many in this room have abilities…my dear friend, the Jesuit, whose flippancy does not help him in his dark moments (to Bill) for you are not facing yourself and your abilities. This is the crux of the problem. It does you no good to smile. It is yourself with whom you must become friendly and yourself you must face.

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You have seen the table move. Those of you who come will see more. All of these are childish endeavors (not sure of that word). They amuse you. So be it. But look beyond what you have seen and question it in your own minds. But I say this personally and directly concerns each of you, for unless you develop your own abilities, you shall not fulfill yourselves and you shall not be happy. I am an old man. I have been where you are now. I have been a young man, a young girl, a mother, a father, a son. You must question: why did the table move?

You think of the table as an amusing diversion and this is not the point. I am glad that it was amusing, but amusement was not the point.

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Energy was used to shatter the table. Energy was used to manipulate physical matter. There is such energy in each one of you. But you are not taking advantage of it, and in not taking advantage of it, you are not fulfilling your responsibilities. I see the Jesuit’s fond smile. You have been shunting aside the full responsibility of yourself, and ignoring them and you cannot for long ignore these responsibilities. You must face these responsibilities and face them, you shall. Full freedom for you shall not be reached in any other manner.

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All of you have abilities and potentials but you are held in bond by preconceived ideas of reality. I tell you no. Reality is the table that moved, the table that shattered! Reality is the energy you have. You cannot afford complacency. To be alive is to learn and to grow. How can you close yourselves off in rooms of limited reality. You close your eyes and do not look.

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(Later talking to Bill Gallagher: He and Pat Norelli stood at one side of the table, exerting strong pressure to force third leg to floor. Never did get it down. Before they did, one of the 2 legs already on the floor, opposite them, gave way. Tabletop didn’t break beneath Bill’s hands, he said, but, he believes, when table fell over to floor & struck edge of table top against floor, away from Bill and Pat.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

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