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TES8 Notes By Peggy Gallagher 2/27 (7%) table circulatory descendant graphics complacency

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I do not see until 1978 a marriage for him (Curt). I am not certain here. I believe a 1938 illness for that one (Dick). If anyone has questions I will answer them. I am not usually so severe but all of you in the room are talented and your responsibility is directly in proportion to your talent and therefore you cannot afford self-pity or complacency or regret.

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All of you have abilities and potentials but you are held in bond by preconceived ideas of reality. I tell you no. Reality is the table that moved, the table that shattered! Reality is the energy you have. You cannot afford complacency. To be alive is to learn and to grow. How can you close yourselves off in rooms of limited reality. You close your eyes and do not look.

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