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TES8 Notes By Peggy Gallagher 1/27 (4%) table circulatory descendant graphics complacency

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There was a severe difficulty here. You were indeed conceived. There was a difficulty in the lung area. It had to do with a circulatory ailment that manifested later and should be checked. A circulatory trouble involving extremities. There was no awareness of this on the part of your mother, but the difficulty in her own condition partially caused it, a low blood count and circulatory difficulty in her own condition. She did not realize this had any effect on the child…a difficulty, minor enough, in the lumbar region and fourth vertebra. The condition would have recurring tendencies perhaps in February, April and September but would not be pluerisy. Warm salt pads applied to the extremities would be a benefit and also on the fourth vertebra. I will shortly leave you. I extend to you all my best wishes and if I sound severe it is only that I would wake you up to your full potentials and I speak to the part of yourself to which you are not listening.

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