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TES7 Results Of The Gallagher Test Session 294 October 17, 1966 7/85 (8%) statue san verandah indentation oakes

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(On leaving Nassau October 31, we passed a memorial, though not a statue, dedicated to Sir Harry Oakes, who was murdered. This made a very big impression on us, because Peg has always been interested in the murder, and Peg and Bill asked questions about it of several people. [Discussion of the murder and the landmarks was one of the important parts of their trip.])

A statue, I do not know here. It is connected with a general, but I believe the man whose image is represented by the statue, stabbed the general.

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Metal connected with the statue

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(in earlier discussion noted, Bill mentioned there was a statue of Queen Victoria.)

The hero, represented in a statue, had once been a cobbler and came from a place that sounds like Guatemala, though that is not precise. The name is like this: San Guatama? San Guatama? And he had two brothers, one brother working against him in politics.

(In earlier discussion, Bill said there was a statue of Columbus and there was a connection in his mind between him and cobbling.)

Now. This statue, with the row houses to the left and the street light: Following around the curve to the left you run into a better sectioned area, up a hill on a broad street now, then the street curves again to the left, and beneath it are rocks, that is, a rocky ledge down to the sea, I believe. To the right just before this last left hand turn and hill is a fairly low building where I believe our friends eat, or at least they visit here.

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