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TES7 Results Of Gallagher Tests, October 1966 3/4 (75%) october peg gallaghers 297 294


(Peg and Bill Gallagher left for Nassau, Monday, October 17, and returned Tuesday, October 25. Seth’s impressions were given in sessions 294, 295, 296, and 297 on October 17, October 19, October 24, October 26.

(On Friday, October 28, I [Jane] saw Peg for the first time since her return, and went over the Seth notes. That evening Rob and I checked the material with both Peg and Bill and I took notes of their answers. I typed up Seth’s impressions and gave them to the Gallaghers and together they wrote in their comments. These were returned to us November 4, and this copy is taken from the Gallaghers’ joint comments. There were some small differences in a few results between the Gallaghers’ comments October 28, and in their returned written copy, and this is noted upon by me when it occurs. Both copies are in our files.

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