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TES7 Part Two Of Seth’s Lecture To Pat’s Boston High School Class March 25, 1967 6/20 (30%) classroom chromosomes 334th shall identity

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But beyond this life, and before this life, and forming this life, there are identities and there are realities and these are not dead. Identity as experience is intimate. It is a psychic reality but it exists electromagnetically. Identity, the self that you are, is made up of the selves that you were and, my dear friends, the selves that you shall be. The selves that you were still exist. The selves that you shall be already exist. The lives that you have lived, in your terms, are still being lived. There is no past, present or future.

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You are, in some respects, more awake when you sleep than you are when you sit in your classroom and listen to my voice. Your dreams appear as illusion to your normal waking self. Shall I tell you how your normal waking experiences appear to your dreaming self? Shall I tell you which of the two realities are more valid and which is least distorted? Shall I tell you where your abilities do originate?

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Those of you who would change your world, then I tell you, listen: for if you would change your world you must listen to the voice within yourself. You must examine your own dreams. You must inspect the innermost portions of yourself, and from this indeed shall you be resurrected.

For the thought shall seed the world and the world shall seed the universe. The cowering soul is, indeed, the soul who believes himself a physical being. He is therefore at the mercy of every physical camouflage. He does not realize that he is what he is. He must live in the world he has created, and it is a miserable and cruel world.

The human personality is free. Any limitations are those created by itself. If you will not be limited, then do not create artificial limitations. If you would see through space and time then do not give any validity to the distortions of space and time. You can hardly follow your dreams while you consider your dreams hallucinations. You can hardly grow into your full potential if you think you are a physical creature bounded and limited by the physical limitations of time and space, soon to fall corrupted into an early and filthy grave. If you think that is what you are, then for all practical purposes, for now, that is what you shall be. If you realize on the other hand that you are unlimited, that you are a part of All That Is, then indeed it shall be so as it is.

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The self that you shall be already exists. If you will realize your potential them you will find it is already accomplished.

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