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TES7 Part Two Of Seth’s Lecture To Pat’s Boston High School Class March 25, 1967 7/20 (35%) classroom chromosomes 334th shall identity

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I am still addressing your students. You are all older than you know. There is knowledge within you that you do not realize that you possess, and you can all use this knowledge. You may think that you are 16 years old. You may think that you have existed for a certain period of years. You may think that before that time you knew nothing. You may look back to a time and remember no identity, and you wonder: Who was I then, and how did I come here?

And yet a portion of you knows the answer, and a portion of you knows who you are, and the memories of your previous lives are not in your genes or in your chromosomes, but in the psychic reality that forms the genes and the chromosomes. For the identity is a different identity than the name that you bear. The physical mechanism has chromosomes indeed, but the physical chromosomes have a psychic counterpart, and the psychic counterpart is the original; and within you is the codified information containing all your past lives and all your knowledge, and it is hidden so deep within you that the subconscious as you know it does not realize the truth, for the subconscious as you know it is, indeed, a very shallow affair containing only those hidden memories from this life.

But beyond this life, and before this life, and forming this life, there are identities and there are realities and these are not dead. Identity as experience is intimate. It is a psychic reality but it exists electromagnetically. Identity, the self that you are, is made up of the selves that you were and, my dear friends, the selves that you shall be. The selves that you were still exist. The selves that you shall be already exist. The lives that you have lived, in your terms, are still being lived. There is no past, present or future.

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Do you think your abilities originate with the self that sits in the classroom? What does your inner identity have to do with the self that brushes your teeth? Yet surely you are wide awake when you brush your teeth, and when you dream surely you will say you are sleeping and your consciousness is dead.

How dead is sleeping consciousness, and where do you travel when you sleep? How many miles do you cover in a day? How many miles do you cover in a dream? How many things do you learn in a dream? You learn more things in a dream than you learn in this classroom. You learn your identity in a dream state. You have experiences even while you dream that are more real and more valid than any that you have while your eyes are wide open.

This does not mean that you must not manipulate within the physical universe. I am not telling you that you should forget your responsibilities in physical life. I am telling you that the origin and ability and power and identity has its origins deep within the personality, and that these origins have little to do with the waking self of which you are all so familiar.

The self that sits in class is not the self that wonders in a dream state, and the self that wonders in a dream state is, my dear friends, far more educated than the, self that sits in the classroom. The self you call yourself, what does it know? To whom must it listen? The self that you call yourself knows relatively little. It is perhaps 16 years old. Indeed, the inner identity knows, and the inner identity knows that it knows. All of you are on a threshold. Uncounted millions have been at that threshold.

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