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TES7 April 10, 1967 Notes Regarding Session Friday, September 23, 1966 2/5 (40%) barb bristly child illegitimate buck

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(After that session I checked out Peg’s notes with Barbara. Unfortunately now I can’t put my hands on Barbara’s scrawled script but will find it and include it here. A man with a bristly mustache and short bristly hair was mentioned in the first part of the spontaneous session for which no notes were taken; this referred, Barb said, definitely to her father. The main point is that then Barb told me that the male child referred to the illegitimate child of a girl friend and that all the other details given were correct, in reference to this child.

(Now approximately six months later, she told me last night that the session had shocked her considerably. The child had been her own illegitimate child, she had not wanted to tell us this at the time and had been too surprised at the session to do anything; she had wanted to leave but hadn’t it seems been able to.

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