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TES7 April 10, 1967 Notes Regarding Session Friday, September 23, 1966 4/5 (80%) barb bristly child illegitimate buck

(The child was male as given in the session. The month of February was mentioned; and in February she signed the papers putting the child up for adoption. “Turnabout with the child, a complete change of plan or a turnabout” refers to the fact that she wanted to keep the baby but its father refused to marry her and pushed her into having it adopted; she was a minor also at the time. 1947 is mentioned, the year she met the child’s father; the age 17 is mentioned; she was 17 when she met him: a school connection mentioned and she was still in school at the time.

[...] The main point is that then Barb told me that the male child referred to the illegitimate child of a girl friend and that all the other details given were correct, in reference to this child.

[...] The child had been her own illegitimate child, she had not wanted to tell us this at the time and had been too surprised at the session to do anything; she had wanted to leave but hadn’t it seems been able to.

[...] Most likely this was my interpretation of her giving birth to the child; she was supposed to have a Caesarean section but didn’t and was in labor 25 hours; a woman is described here, gray hair, buck teeth, yellow teeth—this, Barb says, is a description of the man’s mother—she wanted him to marry Barb: teeth not really buck but protuberant and yellowed; also gray hair. [...]

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