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[... 192 paragraphs ...]

(Peggy Gallagher is a feature writer for the Elmira Star-Gazetteand Advertiser, a Gannett Newspaper. During December 6 to 9 the paper sent her to Washington, DC to attend A Seminar on Poverty, conducted by the Office of Economic Opportunity which is headed by R. Sargent Shriver.

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(As soon as we realized that Peggy’s trip would furnish a good opportunity for another test, we asked her to say no more about it. By then we knew she was going to Washington, but Jane does not believe Peggy told her specifically, for instance, that Peggy was to cover a seminar on poverty. Be that as it may, we were told little in advance of the trip. Peggy herself did not know about the trip until a few days before she left.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

(Peggy did attend this discussion. The talk didn’t concern the survival of our nation, but of some individuals within it; it was a seminar on poverty.)

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([Peggy:] “ The room number began with an 8.” Peggy knows this because the seminar was held on the eighth floor of a building occupied by the Office of Economic Opportunity; in an executive conference room of the OEO.)

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(Peggy said either 3 or 4 speakers addressed the seminar in the morning session on Monday, December 6.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

(As stated, the title was A Seminar on Poverty. However, the discussions dealt with the survival of the hard-core poor, the deprived, on a strong, even desperate level, Peggy said. The seminar concerned the literal survival of these individuals, and methods of raising their standard of living. Much more than money was involved here.)

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(The seminar remained in the same building on Tuesday. But on Wednesday, Peggy was in a group taken by bus to Camp Kilmer, which has been taken over by the OEO. Camp Kilmer lies northeast of Washington.)

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([Peggy:] “Yes.” Peggy said a large part of the seminar was devoted to discussing methods by which it would be determined which individuals would be able to take part in various programs. Their capabilities, intellectual, financial, physical, etc., would have to be determined.)

[... 1 paragraph ...]

(Peggy said that at the seminar many thousands of people were mentioned at different times. She had no idea of the total however, but said the 14,000 figure would not be unreasonable. She thought she might have a total figure in her notes, taken for the series of articles she is to write for the local paper, but a check of the notes yielded no clues here. 14,000 people of course did not attend the seminar.)

[... 10 paragraphs ...]

([Peggy:] “Yes.” Peggy attended such a banquet. It was held in the same executive conference room as all the other seminar meetings; as stated, tables were long and narrow, with theater-type chairs. Lunch was also served at these tables each day).

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([Peggy:] “Yes. To wind up the seminar on poverty a press conference was held with Sargent Shriver, director of the poverty program. The disturbance occurred when an incensed group from Syracuse appeared and tried to disrupt the conference time reserved for the reporters.”

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

([Peggy:] “Yes, although the initials are R. D.” Peggy wanted to talk with a certain official on the poverty program; his offices were on a floor lower than that of the seminar, in the same building. Peggy went to the man’s offices on Tuesday and waited for some time there. Failing to see him, she made an appointment for Wednesday, but did not keep this appointment because of the press of other business.)

[... 1 paragraph ...]

(Peggy said she had an experience involving time. At her hotel she left a message with the desk clerk to be awakened at 7 AM Tuesday. The desk clerk failed to call her and she was late getting to the seminar.

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([Peggy:] “No. All meetings at the seminar were held in the same room.”)

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([Peggy:] “Yes.” Seeing the above word in the material caused Peggy to say that it was quite unusual. At the seminar Peggy was surprised to hear the name of Secretary of Defense McNamara brought up rather strongly in connection with Sargent Shriver and the poverty program. The connection being a comparison of the two men’s tactics in running their respective departments. Peggy said the point was hammered at more than once during the seminar.)

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(Peggy lost her glasses and a ring at the seminar. She found the glasses but not the ring. No pocketbook of hers was involved.

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

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