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(While Bill and Peggy Gallagher were on vacation in Puerto Rico last October, Seth gave impressions concerning them in the following sessions: the 199th for October 18; the 200th for October 20; and the 201st for October 25. No correspondence, phone calls, etc., were exchanged between the four of us during this time.

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(Seth’s statements are presented in full from each session, with the comments from Peggy and Bill just below each statement in italic type. The Gallaghers agreed on each answer, concerning the Puerto Rico material. They arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sunday, October 17. We begin with Seth’s material on them from the 199th session for October 18,1965, at 9 PM.)

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(“This is possible. This type is common in Puerto Rico.”)

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(See the notes on page 13 of the 200th session. Peggy’s sister was married on Saturday, October 16; the bride and groom left immediately for Puerto Rico on their honeymoon. Peggy and Bill left for Puerto Rico on vacation on Sunday, October 17. Jane and I were told that the two couples had no plans to meet in Puerto Rico, oddly enough; we recall Peggy saying for instance that she would not want to honeymoon with relatives close by. But these plans were obviously changed, the two couples soon meeting in San Juan.)

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(“On Sunday noon, October 24, we returned by airplane from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, to San Juan, Puerto Rico. There was a woman dressed in blue on the plane. But she sat immediately forward of us, and to the right.”)

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(At the end of the 201st session, concluding the Gallagher Puerto Rico tests, Seth stated:)

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(Concluding the 197th session of October 11,1965, held a week before the Gallaghers left for Puerto Rico on vacation, Seth stated:)

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(Bill Gallagher had a narrow escape from drowning while skin diving in Puerto Rico. He hardly lists this as a bizarre experience. Seth deals with it to some degree in the unscheduled 203rd session of October 28,1965.

(Bill did have one experience in Puerto Rico, however, that he said might be called bizarre. He is quite sure he hasn’t had any other experience like it, and believes that if he hadn’t been somewhat familiar with these sessions that this one too would have escaped his notice; that is, he would not have followed it through.

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(Jane also tried psychological time experiments while the Gallaghers were in Puerto Rico. During these she lay quietly on the bed with her eyes closed and tried to contact Peggy and Bill either by acting as a receiver of data, or projecting her astral body to their location. All of the experiments took place in the late morning hours, usually lasting about half an hour. Jane tried five times, from Monday, October 18, to Friday, October 22,1965.

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(Note by R.F.B.: After Peggy and Bill left for Puerto Rico, I quizzed Jane to see how much geographical knowledge she had of the island. It developed that she had but the most general idea, to the effect that it lay south of Florida in the Caribbean. She did not know the name San Juan, for instance; nor had the Gallaghers told her, since we asked them to tell us nothing about their projected trip as soon as it was mentioned.)

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(Nor did Jane know that both Puerto Rico and St. Thomas are both very hilly islands.)

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(The Gallaghers brought back with them a map of Puerto Rico, including a street map of San Juan. It is interesting to note that the U.S. Naval Reservation of San Geronimo lies across a couple of hundred yards of open water from the spot where Bill Gallagher went swimming and skin diving.)

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(As stated before, Jane did not know that both Puerto Rico and nearby St. Thomas are very hilly.)

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(The map of Puerto Rico, brought back by Bill Gallagher, contains a street map of San Juan and other large cities together with an index of street names. A quick study for names similar to those given phonetically by Seth/Jane during the experiments has yielded no results, with the exception of the apparent similarity between San Geronimo and Jane’s psy-time impressions of San Quanamo and San Guatamalo. Any other similarities discovered later will be added to the record.

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(As in the Puerto Rico experiments, Seth’s material is presented line by line, in regular type, with Peggy’s answers below. These answers are quotes from my notes made during the interview. Begin with Seth’s material from the 214th session for December 6,1965.)

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