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TES5 24th Envelope Experiment (Caption) 50/285 (18%) peggy san seminar puerto rico

(Seth gave data on Peggy’s trip in the 214th and the 215th sessions, December 6 and 8. He also gave some preliminary data on the trip during an unscheduled session held on December 3; Peggy took a copy of these predictions with her to Washington. Seth listed nine predictions and Peggy verified three of them. Seth gave them in Peggy’s presence; his score in the two sessions held while she was in Washington was much better.

(As soon as we realized that Peggy’s trip would furnish a good opportunity for another test, we asked her to say no more about it. By then we knew she was going to Washington, but Jane does not believe Peggy told her specifically, for instance, that Peggy was to cover a seminar on poverty. [...] Peggy herself did not know about the trip until a few days before she left.

([Peggy:] “Yes.” Seeing the above word in the material caused Peggy to say that it was quite unusual. At the seminar Peggy was surprised to hear the name of Secretary of Defense McNamara brought up rather strongly in connection with Sargent Shriver and the poverty program. [...] Peggy said the point was hammered at more than once during the seminar.)

(Thus Jane and I followed this procedure concerning the data Seth gave on Peggy’s business trip to Washington, DC in December. A written question-and-answer period was held with Peggy a day or two after her return. Peggy cooperated wholeheartedly and gave much information. [...]

[...] Peggy’s sister was married on Saturday, October 16; the bride and groom left immediately for Puerto Rico on their honeymoon. Peggy and Bill left for Puerto Rico on vacation on Sunday, October 17. Jane and I were told that the two couples had no plans to meet in Puerto Rico, oddly enough; we recall Peggy saying for instance that she would not want to honeymoon with relatives close by. [...]

(In the unscheduled session for December 3 Seth said Peggy would meet a woman dressed in green. Peggy met no such woman. After the cocktail party however, Peggy found she couldn’t remember the color of Mrs. Carlyle’s dress. [...]

([Peggy:] “Yes, although the initials are R. D.” Peggy wanted to talk with a certain official on the poverty program; his offices were on a floor lower than that of the seminar, in the same building. Peggy went to the man’s offices on Tuesday and waited for some time there. [...]

[...] Neither of us are acquainted with the other members of Peggy’s family, however, and at the time the 200th session was held neither Jane or I were consciously aware we had indeed met Peggy’s sister and her fiancé.)

[...] Note the similarities between that art and Peggy’s drawing above. I added the lettering to Peggy’s drawing, as well as to Jane’s second version of the same scene, shown on page 162.)

([Peggy:] “ The room number began with an 8.” Peggy knows this because the seminar was held on the eighth floor of a building occupied by the Office of Economic Opportunity; in an executive conference room of the OEO.)

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