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TES9 Session 508 November 20, 1969 rich diane flashgun betty tribe

(Jane and Tam have been discussing her second book for P/Hall; the subject possibly to be on dreams, Seth, and astral projection.

[...] You must travel through your own consciousness, for then you will find you are making your own journey through a different space. [...]

TES6 Session 259 May 16, 1966 pigment object decoration fox federation

(Astral Projection*, by Oliver Fox.)*

Now I do not like the term astral bodies, simply because of the sometimes weird connotations connected with the phrase. [...]

Certain dream experiences are valid out-of-the-body experiences, in that you do indeed travel in this mental vehicle. [...]


TES9 Session 471 March 31, 1969 ace wollheim desolations doren evil

[...] But this fact is Ruburt’s safeguard in his astral travels—as long as he remembers it.

[...] Now this was not an astral plane, but a lower one.

TPS1 Session 371 (Deleted) October 11, 1967 symptoms ripping solution veil successful

(Eyes open.) I am aware of Ruburt to some extent in the same way that he is aware of his astral form when he is traveling within it, though my awareness is much stronger, and my control is more deliberate. [...]

SS Chapter 11: Session 547, August 24, 1970 healers sneezed creators vocation hay

[...] A delicate manipulation of energy is required, and a constant travel through dimensions. [...]

[...] Some exist in what you might term the astral plane, and you perceive them in visits during the sleep state.

TES6 Session 265 June 6, 1966 ceramic marilyn projection object glaze

You may or may not have the sensation of traveling through the doors or windows. [...] The molecular structure of the traveling self changes.

[...] I do not want either of you traveling about unless you know what you are doing.

[...] If, for example, during projection travel you encounter a disturbing image, you must first will it to disappear. [...]


TES6 Session 261 May 23, 1966 mirth lettering serape sketch drawing

[...] It has been called the astral body. [...]

You can travel anywhere within your solar system however with it. [...]

[...] In it, it is possible to travel beyond your solar system, and to perceive the past, present and future of other systems as well as your own.


TECS2 ESP Class Session, October 6, 1970 ps hallucination rachel places gateways

(Rachel had been discussing a story on astral projection which told of a man seeing a black shape trying to sever the silver cord so he could not return to his body.)

Now I have said this before, that one of our most extensive travelers is completely unaware of her nightly adventures, and again I will not look at anyone in particular because I would not embarrass you.

[...] During the dream state you can travel to the ends of the universe as you know it. [...]

TES9 Session 457 January 13, 1969 revelationary fiction mission hypocrisy intuitive

[...] Jane snapped right out of trance, quite alert; she remembered the last part of the data and said she “got scared” while giving it, re astral travel. [...]

TES1 Session 11 January 1, 1964 mirror palm wrist fingers hand

[...] The main one of course was the fact that the holidays were close at hand; and beside having company we also did some traveling. [...]

*(“*That’s the astral body,” *Seth said. [...]

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