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NotP Introduction by Jane Roberts psyche cezanne rob sexuality publication

I know very well that there were evenings when I “should” have held our regular Seth session, but didn’t, for reasons also forgotten. Perhaps I didn’t feel up to par, or sat at my desk, involved in my own writing. Perhaps an unbidden guest dropped by, or holidays intruded. Actually, I was quite concerned with the quick passage of time, and the pressure to prepare manuscripts for publication. During the period that Seth was dictating this book, Rob was typing the two volumes of Seth’s previous work, The “Unknown” Reality, and adding innumerable notes that correlated Seth’s material with that of his earlier books. I knew that on session nights, Rob “lost” his work time on that project, and he still had to type up the latest book session on the following day, while all I had to do was … what? Turn into Seth.

I’d been producing my own books during this time, and getting them ready for publication, so surely Seth wasn’t taking up any creative slack of my own. Still, I stared at Psyche when Seth finished it, wishing that he could type, too! I thought back to all of those unremembered trance hours, looking at them from a different standpoint — and almost startled by a simple thought that just hadn’t occurred to me in quite that way before: Those trance hours were productive. They yielded results in the world of time. That trance consciousness, by whatever name, knew what it was doing. And I wondered: What must I look like to Rob as I leaned forward as Seth, smiling, (my glasses off, Seth’s eyes darker than mine), joking as Seth, gesturing, waiting while Rob got me (Jane), a beer? I’m sure there is a kind of trance memory, but my ordinary memory records very little of those trance hours.

We were most eager to get this particular material to the public, since many correspondents write requesting Seth’s views on sexuality. This desire, coupled with Seth’s seemingly endless creativity, led us to a decision: From now on, the Seth books will carry far fewer notes. In the two volumes of The “Unknown” Reality, Rob tried to correlate Seth’s views on various subjects, tracing them backward to his earlier books (and often to unpublished material), showing the context in which the books were written. Now we will include usual session notes, but the reader will have to keep track of the development of the theories or correlate them with previous Seth books at his or her leisure.


TES5 Session 223 January 16, 1966 teapot brotzanin zanzibar voyages lemons

(After the Gallaghers left Seth and I continued to talk. Seth told me I would become a very well-known painter; Ruburt, he said, knew nothing about artists’ agents or their locations in New York City, he said for the record, adding that there is an agent on 62nd street who can be of great help to me. [...] Seth told me I have been working to free my intuitions; I already have enough discipline. [...] Seth also said that my work would become known partly because of the source of inspiration for some of it—the visions I have that grow out of these sessions.

(Bill and Peggy Gallagher visited us this evening, and Seth held a rather short unscheduled session. [...] After they left Seth and I had a discussion of moderate length. I made a few brief notes, not verbatim except for the names, which Seth spelled out.

(After Seth announced his presence Bill said that half an hour previously he had wondered whether Seth might speak. Seth confirmed that at that time he had almost come through, and Jane later told me she had been aware of this, without feeling impelled to have a session.


TES5 Session 238 March 4, 1966 peggy witnesses unscheduled wilburs circulation

(Since the conversation revolved around matters psychic and nonpsychic, the stage was set rather effortlessly for Seth’s appearance, although as stated neither Jane nor I actively encouraged the session. [...] Soon after she began speaking for Seth, in a quite low and pleased voice, Jane launched into the reasons for Bill’s response to the painting. It marked Bill’s emotional perception, according to Seth, of Seth’s presence in the painting, earlier in the evening. [...] This event thus meant that for the first time Bill felt an emotional rapport with Seth, although previously he had been intrigued intellectually by the material.

[...] Seth proceeded to tell Peggy that she was doing her yogic neck rolls much too fast in the morning. [...] Seth was right here, according to Peggy, for lately she felt she had been hurrying the exercises too much. Seth told Peggy the rapid neck rolls, which are an exercise supposed to be done slowly, were actually being detrimental to her. [...] Seth said the sudden dropping put a strain on the third to fifth vertebrae. [...]

[...] He had forgotten consciously about Seth’s data, but as he drove into the firm’s property he was immediately struck by the similarity there with Seth’s predictions. [...] The description of the building matched, as well as the description Seth had given of the man Don would talk to about work. Marilyn, Don’s wife, believes she still has Seth’s notes at home and will look for them.


DEaVF1 Essay 5: Sunday, April 18, 1982 seths integrity protect gland published

[...] In Chapter Nine of The Seth Material (1970) she wrote: “Several people have told me that Seth communicated with them through automatic writing, but Seth denies any such contacts, saying that his communications will be limited to his work with me, in order that the integrity of the Seth Material be preserved.” And in her introduction to Seth Speaks (1972), she quoted Seth from the 510th session for January 19, 1970: “While my communications will come exclusively through Ruburt (Jane) at all times, to protect the integrity of the material, I will invite the reader to become aware of me as a personality….”

This whole miniature tempest is almost enough to make one wonder: How come those other people made their “Seths” known after Jane began to speak for her Seth, and to publish the Jane-Seth material? [...] But to claim to speak for Jane’s Seth per se, as a means of expression, is quite another thing….

[...] It concerned the other “Seths” who are revealing themselves around the country these days. Later tonight I want to offer a little more about this overall development—but people speak for their Seths entirely without Jane’s permission. Jane is most concerned that she and I protect the integrity of the Seth material in its unique and original form.


NoME Introduction by Jane Roberts impulses ourselves disclosures introduction our

As far as my relationship with Seth and his with me, because of our long-standing association I think we must have formed a unique psychological alliance; somehow I am part Seth, and in sessions at least, Seth must be part Jane, in a kind of psychological bonding on both sides. Seth must use my voice to speak and my life as reference, and certainly the contents of my mind are vastly expanded as a result of the sessions. My daily life is lived with the knowledge of that association, of course, and my normal routine now includes “turning into Seth” twice weekly, and has for years.

[...] That statement is one of the cornerstones of Seth’s material, stated almost from the beginning of our sessions and emphasized throughout his books. In Mass Events, though, Seth goes further, maintaining that our private impulses are meant to provide the impetus for the development of our own abilities in a way that will also contribute to the best interests of the species and the natural world as well. [...] Seth maintains that we can’t trust ourselves while distrusting our impulses at the same time. [...] What Seth is really saying here is that our impulses are meant to help us create our own realities on a personal basis in a way that will enhance both our private lives and our civilizations.

[...] I was being given many of the subject headings for — Seth’s next book, even as I was writing the Introduction for this one! Behind each heading or subject, I sensed realms of information available to Seth, but not (in usual terms) to me. Yet there had been an earlier moment just before the onrush of material when I sensed an odd psychological threshold, a certain accelerated state, that in this case at least signaled the intersection of Seth’s thoughts and mine. Then there was a brief point of psychological rest, an almost neutral psychological platform in which Seth’s outline began to emerge.


TES4 Session 184 September 3, 1965 test drawing leonard border gallagher

(At this time Jane, as Seth, stood up and picked up our cat Willy. [...] “See,” Seth/Jane said, “Your pussy doesn’t know who his mistress is right now....” Actually, Seth said, Willy knows him well, having grown used to his appearances. Many many sessions ago Willy had occasionally reacted to Seth’s appearance, usually just before a session began, or at the very beginning itself.

(One disquieting subject arose after the Gallaghers had left, and Jane, Seth and I were talking quietly. Seth surprised me by mentioning our neighbor across the hall, Leonard Yaudes. [...] Seth began by saying that the following information was on the edge of Ruburt’s awareness and that he was not very well focused upon it. [...] Seth then mentioned the period from September 15 to October 15, after saying that possibly he could focus a little more intently upon the problem.

(Seth told us that he merely wanted to join in the general conversation, as he had during the unscheduled 182nd session last weekend, which the Gallaghers also witnessed. Seth requested that we continue our exchange without notes on my part and without weighty questions. [...] She smoked as she talked with us, and at times got to her feet as Seth. [...]


TES4 Session 190 September 21, 1965 john taylors 170th donna neighbors

[...] We played part of the 170th session, which was recorded and directed by Seth to Dr. Instream. In the middle of a passage Seth suddenly came through, saying: “Why settle for a recording when you can have the real thing?” His voice was quite strong. [...] John had never heard the loud Seth; the previous sessions he witnessed had all been quiet ones. Now Seth began to speak loudly and jovially. Rob made no notes, as Seth told him they were not necessary. [...]

John asked Seth if he knew who he, John, could get to type extra copies of the material. Seth told us that later Dr. Instream would help us out in this respect, although he didn’t know it yet. Seth said there was a woman at the college in Oswego who would do the work. Seth also told John to keep looking for someone himself: “The effort will do you good.”

John made a remark to the effect that he would like some sort of proof of Seth’s existence. Seth lit into him, saying that the voice effects were impossible for a woman of my makeup. Seth said he could just as legitimately insist that John prove his existence to him.


TES4 Session 182 August 28, 1965 bill hay fever gallaghers mother

[...] Seth, talking about physical effects, said that he could probably have levitated the small coffee table we sat around tonight, with Ruburt’s help. But Ruburt still needs to develop his abilities further, Seth said. [...] Seth then said he had caused the flame to grow. [...] Seth went on to say that the candle flame would not grow higher again, because Ruburt was alerted to the effect now, and was watching it.

(Seth said my special sensitivity to windy days during hay fever season, [and one I was well aware of], stemmed from an incident that took place while I was traveling to California with my parents when I was about three years old. [...] [I have always had it since I can consciously remember.] When I remarked that my father had got rid of his hay fever, Seth said he gave it to me. Seth said this is a common occurrence in illnesses being passed about among a family group. I identified with my father out of fear, Seth went on, because he threatened to leave me and thus must be all powerful; and since my father had hay fever, I acquired hay fever as a mistaken sign of strength.

(Bill and Peggy agreed that Seth’s material on his parents seems to fit them psychologically, although some of the information given concerning Bill’s subconscious feelings toward his father was a surprise to Bill. At one point Seth asked Bill to not say so much when he answered a question, because this led Ruburt to start to actively and consciously consider the material and to make his own interpretations, which could be distorted. Seth also asked Bill not to tell us any more about his family relationships; presumably so that more material Seth came through with in future sessions could be checked with Bill’s knowledge, as in the blue dress and the bookkeeping incidents.


SS Introduction book rob chapter students mine

It’s not unusual that students should dream of Seth, of course, or that they should dream of me. But certainly Seth has achieved independent status in their eyes and has become a vehicle of instruction even in the dream state. In other words, besides producing the continuing Seth material and this book, Seth has entered the minds and consciousness of many people.

Seth’s sentence structure has not been changed either, except in occasional instances. (A few times I made two sentences out of one long one, for example.) Much of the punctuation was indicated by Seth. [...] Where Seth asked for quotes, we have used double quotes; otherwise, where the meaning seems to call for them, single quotation marks are used. Seth also instructed us to underline certain words.

[...] In some cases, material not a part of the book was included if it seemed relevant, cast sidelights on the method of presentation, or gave insights into Seth himself. As Rob’s notes also show, Seth began dictating the Appendix as soon as the book was finished. Rather amusingly, I didn’t realize that Seth had already begun the Appendix, and I spent several days wondering just who was supposed to take care of it — and if Seth was, when he would begin.


TES5 Session 230 February 6, 1966 grandfather 105th 67 conclusive lepanto

(Bill Gallagher asked Seth about a possible operation for his ulcers, although he has been feeling well. Seth replied that he saw no operation for Bill, should present trends continue, and that Bill should surmount the ulcer problem eventually. Seth has told Bill this before.

[...] Seth prefaced this by saying something about “I see a breathing difficulty.” [...] According to Seth this is the last physical life for Jane and me. Seth said he was having trouble getting this information through.

[...] Jane was upset, so upset that at first she couldn’t let Seth through, even though she wanted to. [...] The mother’s death has not yet occurred, Seth saying that the information was by way of allowing Jane to prepareherself for the shock of her mother’s death. [...] While giving this 105th session, Seth had also had trouble getting the information through, ascribing the difficulty to Jane’s ego. [...]


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