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NoPR Chapter 2: Session 614, September 13, 1972 5/100 (5%) beliefs tongue yourself false adrenalin

[... 20 paragraphs ...]

About the same time that the idea of the unsavory subconscious arose so strongly, the idea of the soul went out the window. Millions of people therefore believed in a reality in which they were deprived of the idea of a soul, and burdened by the concept of a very unreliable, if not definitely evil, subconscious. They saw themselves as vulnerable solitary points of egos, riding perilously and unprotected upon the tumultuous waves of involuntary processes.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

Now first of all, there are no limitations or divisions to the self, though for purposes of discussion a word like “ego” may be used here because you understand what you think it means. You can indeed depend upon seemingly unconscious portions of yourself. As you will see later, you can become more and more consciously aware, therefore bringing into your consciousness larger and larger portions of yourself.

[... 29 paragraphs ...]

When you have tried this exercise several times, then feel these deep rhythms go out from you in all directions, as indeed they do. Electromagnetically they radiate out through your physical being; and in ways that I hope to explain later, they form the environment that you know even as they form your physical image.

[... 25 paragraphs ...]

> 9. My existence is dependent upon my experience in flesh. When my body dies my consciousness dies with it.

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

First of all, you must realize that no one can change your beliefs for you, nor can they be forced upon you from without. You can indeed change them for yourself, however, with knowledge and application.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

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