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TPS5 Session 878 (Deleted Portion) September 10, 1979 taxes disapproval dealed approve stomach

You do not approve of yourself because you think you should be making money “on your own.” You do not approve of yourself because you think you should be a better artist, or a better writer—but in any case, you do not let yourself appreciate the self that you are.

(Then at 10:09:) Now: Right now, self-disapproval is involved. You disapprove of yourself because you feel poorly—and because you do not approve of the basic feelings that are behind the difficulty.

Ideas have changed also since your boyhood, when those ideas were instilled in you. The feelings become exaggerated, and prevent you from accepting the quite valid feelings of your own worth. Approve of yourself as you are, now. Avoid thoughts of regret (as I mentioned to Jane this morning). Doors of all kinds will open when you take away that restraining mental habit.


TPS4 Deleted Session January 21, 1978 disapproval labels identification loyal taller

[...] You must have a basic approval of yourself. [...] You should also avoid labels, for these can stereotype your perception of yourself.

Since disapproval will never bring abundance or pleasure, it gradually cuts down on your options, until there is little about yourself you approve of. [...]

You have disapproved of yourself, thinking yourself not spontaneous, and so your belief has often hampered your natural spontaneity, so that you struggled for notes because you thought you must; that was the kind of person you thought you were.


TPS5 Deleted Session January 1, 1979 list accomplishments approve remembering resolutions

[...] The list I just gave you is important because if you do not value your abilities or approve of yourself, then you cut yourself off from using your own abilities. You deny yourself their help and aid because you do not recognize your own abilities as such in the true sense of the word.

One: I will approve of myself, my characteristics, my abilities, my likes and my dislikes, my inclinations and disinclinations, realizing that these form my unique individuality. [...]

Two: I will approve of and rejoice in my accomplishments, and I will be as vigorous in listing these—as rigorous in remembering them—as I have ever been in remembering and enumerating my failures or lacks of accomplishment.

TPS5 Deleted Session January 8, 1979 marian customers defeating resolutions disapprove

[...] When you do this, you can indeed see the overall purpose of your life—but you cannot do so until you approve of yourself, and recognize that you as an individual are unique, and uniquely a part of all reality.

[...] It is best not to say, for example, “I have always been thus-and-so,” or whatever, and still better not to identify yourself with any characteristics that you deplore. Your purpose is in what you are, and when you do not approve of what you are, you cannot see it. [...]

It would help you both considerably, if when you have the feeling of self-approval really, to sit quietly and try to feel your purposes. [...]

TPS2 Deleted Session September 3, 1973 nebene characteristics troublesome sets success

Besides working with body belief, you are automatically working with the inner belief, showing him that physical activity can be mixed with creativity in the book and in our sessions, that you approve, yourself, and that he is physically capable.

[...] First of all, our private session...You did an excellent job of recognizing the Nebene characteristics in yourself, and changing the nature of their direction. [...]

You met these aspects in yourself and were able to identify the characteristics, and therefore deal with them. [...]

UR2 Section 4: Session 714 October 23, 1974 postcards snapshots tone politics conventions

[...] “You [each] must have a basic approval of yourself,” Seth told us recently in a personal session. [...] You should also avoid labels, for these can stereotype your perception of yourself.”

[...] In a way you program yourself, going about your daily duties as conscientiously and effectively as usual — but at the same time you discover an additional portion of your own reality. [...]

[...] You become afraid of your private interpretation of whatever reality you find yourself experiencing.